Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Communiques from the Shiny Haberdashery Club

(command center of former NH State Republican Party Chair Jack Kimball)

Jack Kimball issued a communique from his headquarters:

"I sent an email to select friends based upon info I received from my own daughter and son-in-law," Kimball said in a telephone interview. "They were on their way to Maine early a couple mornings ago and told me they had seen a 50 to 60 truck convoy. It consisted of a wide range of military vehicles, many of them white and nondescript and unmarked." He said they later saw another group of around 10 to 12 18-wheelers, also nondescript and driven by military personnel.

"We're on a watch for stuff like this," Kimball said. "I sent it to 50 to 60 people to let them know it was seen. The only thing I said was it was white so it could be UN because that's their color. We didn't really know."

Turns out it was a convoy of National Guard medical units from 4 states, returning from training exercises in Maine. Not a UN invasion of NH. Not this time, anyhow! 

Kimball had to send out an "ooops" email to his followers. 

Our friends at Patch asked him why he sent the first one:

"We're all concerned about what's going on with Obama," Kimball said. "We've all been talking about what's happening. We've got Chinese troops arriving in Hawaii... and Kansas. There's a lot of things going on that are very suspicious. There are a lot of people that are very vigilant.

Chinese troops are taking part in disaster relief exercises in Hawaii today, in what China's state media billed as the first time the country's soldiers have drilled on U.S. territory.
People's Liberation Army soldiers are taking part in humanitarian assistance drills in Hawaii until Thursday with thier U.S. counterparts, simulating relief operations after an earthquake hits a third country, according to a report on the website of the Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper.

That sure sounds ominous. Disaster relief drills for an earthquake prone country! 

The United States will have 50 people participate, including soldiers and civilians from U.S. Army Pacific, the Hawaii Army National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. China is expected to bring 60 soldiers and observers.

The exchange is an annual exercise that is part of a security cooperation agreement established in 1998.

1998? That was before the Kenyan Muslim Socialist of a dusky hue was installed in the White House, amirite? 

This must all make sense if it's filtered through a tinfoil turban. 

As for Chinese troops invading Kansas - the only reports I can find of that are from Kimball's fellow members of the shiny haberdashery club. 

As a free marketeer, Mr. Kimball will be happy to learn that his watchful eye is undoubtedly responsible for this:

Keen observers, those Kimballs. 

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Anonymous said...

Paranoia may have some basis if there is at least a shaky foundation for it. But an invasion by the UN? The UN is incapable of marginal management of all its operations and lest these clearly dreamy individuals forget, the US is a huge supporter of the UN. This bunch is scary by their sheer ignorance and fantastical paranoia. I see men in white coats for them and padded cells.