Monday, November 11, 2013

"Sadist University; Turns my Stomach": NH Rep. O'Flaherty on his work as a legislator

The Free State Project (libertarians who intend to move into NH, colonize, and take over the state) had a "Keenevention" recently in the western part of the state. They claim it was a huge success with "over 100 participants, volunteers, panelists, and VIPs." One of their panels was on the NH legislature. The participants were former state rep. Seth Cohn who served one term and had no hope of getting reelected, Eileen Landies of the NH Liberty Alliance (an FSP offshoot), current State Rep. Tim O'Flaherty of Manchester who ran as a Democrat in order to get elected, but is closely allied with the far right, and former state rep. Spec Bowers who served one term and wasn't able to win reelection. In short, not a very inspiring panel.

This is what Representative O'Flaherty had to say about his experience representing the people  of his district:

Representative O'Flaherty will be returning to Sadist University in January 2014 when the legislature reconvenes.


Seth said...

Um, I heard Statist, not Sadist... though I can see how you heard that.

And as for 'had no hope of getting reelected', considering that I didn't run again for a variety of personal reasons, I'm sure you're correct, if only for the wrong reasons.

Thanks for cherry picking one moment out of the hour plus conversation.

Timothy O'Flaherty said...

I love your blog. thanks for posting this.
I realize i slur my speech often, and i can understand why someone would hear sadist instead of statist but that is what i said. i think most people in the audience understood that as well.
Thanks again for the blog. I look forward to meeting you sometime.

PS. the NHLA works with free staters (of course, and why not) but was founded by NH natives.
PPS. If i had to place myself on the left/right spectrum i would choose the left (which is the natural home for libertarians imho), that's not going to stop me from working with conservatives.

susanthe said...

Given your 91% rating from Americans for Prosperity, Rep. O'Flaherty, you appear to be placing yourself incorrectly on the political spectrum.

Are you planning to run for a second term?

susanthe said...

The NHLA was founded by the Free State Project, Rep. O'Flaherty.

Funny thing, history.

Seth said...

You should know better than to trust reporters, who usually get the story wrong. Jim Maynard was the first Chair, and you can see he is very clear: it was not founded BY the FSP, though some (NOT all) founding members were FSP folks. The original press release and the obvious misreporting are clear in excerpts posted there.

susanthe said...

I should trust Free Staters over reporters? Bwaaaahahahahahahahaha!

Bob Robertson said...

Considering that everything government does is under direct threat of overwhelming violence, Sadist is an excellent phrase to use for the legislature.

Who else would spend so much of their time, effectively for free, doing nothing but meddling in other people's business? Except for those who go there to stop people from meddling in their business, of course.

Have fun deleting this, Susan. Kisses, your porn star.

Anonymous said...

"About 40 people are working to organize the alliance, which is a project of the New Hampshire members, not the national group."

Back in 2003, there were no movers in New Hampshire; there were only natives. The Free State Project had nothing to do with the NHLA, but rather some members of the FSP, from New Hampshire, were part of its founding.

susanthe said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Anonny Mouse. The FSP founded the NHLA.

susanthe said...

Not deleting Bob - I want everyone to read you. You're a one man advertisement for everything wrong with the FSP.


victoria said...

The key thing about the NH Liberty Alliance is that it seems to have come into existence because of the excitement generated between early FSP planners and movers and receptive NH natives, who were eager to have Free Staters move to NH. They are all intertwined.

The NHLA was from the beginning, and continues to be a key part of the organizational structure of the Free State Project in NH. In earlier days, it played an important role in marketing efforts to get people to move here. For example, it was listed prominently in online pledge drives.

While the Free State Project often claims to be some kind of phantom organization that only exists in principle, or simply a "bus" to get people to move to New Hampshire, - the NH Liberty Alliance does much of the real work of the FSP in the trenches, - training people to run for office, smearing RINOs, and on and on.

Anonymous said...

O'Flaherty, I canvassed your district and I lived in Manchester for thirty years and I know damn well that not only do you NOT talk to your constituents, you not only could not give a damn about what they deal with in their lives, nor do you know, but you plainly lied about who you were.

Those voters had elected Richard Komi, a Democrat and thought they were electing another Democrat.

Not an imposter from out of state.

You owe your current position thanks to the incompetency of the NH Democratic party, not to any electoral or political skill on your part.

Enjoy your one and only term.