Saturday, November 16, 2013

NH Republican Rants about "Those People"

A former Republican state representative stopped by my blog to comment on this column that I wrote for the Conway Daily Sun newspaper.  Steven J. Connolly writes for the septic tank  known as NH Insider.  He defends the xenophobic remarks made by Pete Silva, who ran against Latha Mangipudi in a special election for a vacant NH House seat in Nashua. I suspect those remarks cost Silva the election. The whole exchange between us is worth reading. (you can read them on the link above)

This is the most unpalatable of his comments:

"Since you seem to have the inside track, perhaps you could share it with me." 
I do have the inside track. Having served two terms in the NH House myself and being active in NH politics since 1987. 
In terms of your 'endorsements' you might not have been holding a sign, but you've endorsed Rep. Latha Mangipudi or at least you were there in principle. 
Have you been to India Ms. Bruce? This is a country that is like a train wreck. This is a country that refuses to help itself. And other than bringing their cultures, their values and their ideas to the U.S. what do these individuals from India bring to New Hampshire and the NH House? 
Former Rep. Silva's comment about "New Delihi" is likely accurate. Instead of assimilating to values that have existed since the 1700s these people have chosen to remake and rebrand NH into how THEY want it. Including using economic models, values and ideas that fail and continue to fail in their own countries. 
Socialism is an economic model that has continually demonstrate that it can't work over time. Yet it is one that yourself and other continue to espouse and promote and an a direction that will tax and spend New Hampshire into oblivion. 

This is just ugliness. Rep. Mangipudi is a US citizen, which makes her one of us. She's one of the many flavors of the melting pot that is the United States. 

After Connolly came by to leave that fetid offering in my comment section, I did some research on Latha Mangipudi. She's lived in Nashua since 1989. Her kids went to Nashua public schools. When she came to the US she had a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. She has worked toward a PhD in Behavior Neuro-Sciences at BU. She's interested in education, health and human services, and encouraging community involvement. I've never met Rep. Mangipudi, but she sounds like an asset to her community and to our state. 

It's also worth pointing out how quickly we forget. At one time, people with surnames like Connolly were regarded as THOSE PEOPLE. 

Hey Steven Connolly what about this guy? You paleocons were eager to trot out Marion Noronha the immigrant from India who built his whole business all by himself with no gummint help....well, except for the help he got. Gonna tell him to go back to New Delhi? What about Bobby Jindal?


Anonymous said...

Oh how familiar this is. Every "other" country is a train wreck but his own. That Connolly and his ancestors contributed to world chaos is of course a nicely denied fact. What he doesn't know, but I do, is that Indians are incredibly industrious and smart and if Connolly got his massive thumb out of his &^%$## and traveled to other countries including India, he'd find an amazing culture whom Europeans can look to in language and all other Indo European origin. Connolly is the origin of Nazi. Heil to the Fuhrer.

Brian Loudermilch said...

Free CLUE for Mr. Connolly:

Our entire Government was designed to allow the Majority to "Rebrand" the Government whenever they decided it was necessary.

It's called "Democracy".

Steven J. Connolly said...

I'll look forward to the progress Rep. Mangipudi will make toward the future of New Hampshire.
I'm confident the results here will be as spectacular as the Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan 'Innovation' plan.
Think unemployment, deprivation and home foreclosures. This is the reality Ms. Bruce.
Thanks for spelling my name correctly, perhaps when your done starring at yourself in the mirror as a self-centered vision of enlightenment, you might also take the time to look up one word which I think describes much of your saying.

susanthe said...

I don't consider myself a "vision of enlightenment" Steven J. Connolly. I'm just not a racist.