Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Verizon Wireless: 4 Days of Harassment

The first call came in on Saturday. A young woman (with a southern accent so thick I really could have used an interpreter) called to harangue me about the overdue balance on my phone. My payment was 10 days late. The amount that was unpaid was $66.18. If I didn't pay up promptly, they might suspend my service AND charge me a reconnection fee. At

I explained that the bill would be paid the following week, before the holiday. 

The call was followed up by a text message. 

There was a call on Monday. And another text message. 

There were 2 calls on Tuesday. 

All this for $66.18  

I've had an account with Verizon wireless for at least a decade. I'm hardly ever late with a payment, and I always pay. 

Yet Verizon was so desperate for $66.18 that they felt the need to dun me repeatedly over a 4 day period. 

It's unseemly. And it's what we get for having a lousy telecommunications network in our state, giving Verizon a monopoly. Monopolies breed corporate bullies. 

Like Verizon. 

PS - I sent the check out on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hard to find a donation place on your site. My bad?

susanthe said...

There's a yellow button over on the right. This isn't a plea for funds - the bill has been paid. This is just an attempt at shaming the shameless.

Anonymous said...

How many of us wrote to then Gov. Lynch begging not to allow monopolies such as Verizon and Fairpoint. Doesn't matter who the politician is or what party he/she represents, it always comes down to money and yet each state NEVER ever sees improvements but rather lack of funds in all areas. Suspicious ain't it? I myself have personally experienced exactly what you described. These corporations are disgusting. Bottom line is, we have to fund their private jets and 1% lifestyles don't we?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't ya just pay the bill when you received it? As you say , it was only $60 . You had the time to complain about it , but you didn't have the time to go earn the money to pay it?

susanthe said...

Why didn't you take the time to choose an identity, anonymous? You had the time to write a post, but you didn't have time to identify yourself? Typing IDIOT would have been simple enough.