Friday, April 25, 2014

Fergus Cullen Grunts From his Cave

Republican men can't seem to speak about women without sounding as if they're grunting from inside Stone Age caves. 

From the You've Got to Be Shitting Me Files: Fergus Cullen in the Union Leader, writing about Senator Jeanne Shaheen:

It has been Shaheen’s ability to peel off Republican women that saved her in close races in the past. Some of these voters were political moderates who were uncomfortable with socially conservative Republican nominees. Others were attracted to Shaheen the political pioneer. Either way, the result was a string of conventional male opponents frustrated by the difficulty of having to run against Betty Crocker.

Betty Crocker? In 2014? 

Jeanne Shaheen served 2 terms in the NH State Senate. She served 3 terms as Governor of NH. She ran for the US Senate in 2002, but lost to successful phone jamming candidate John E. Sununu, Jr. Her consolation prize? Serving as the Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics. In 2008 she beat Jammin'John Jr. and became our first female US Senator. This is the record of a successful and accomplished woman. 

It seems the best the GOP can do is attempt to  tear down the record of a successful and accomplished woman by comparing her to Betty Crocker. In 2014?  For real? 

 Fergus wasn't smart enough to be stupid only once:

The first couple times, Betty Crocker’s cake mix is great. But after a while, it’s just another box on the shelf and you’re ready to try something else.

This is why women run from the Republican Party. 

Is Fergus such an utter dickhead that he really thinks that  belittling an accomplished US Senator in this manner will send all the "girls" running to Scott Brown? Scott Brown, the candidate who has secret meetings with kings and queens? The guy who can't seem to decide what state's shelf should host his box? The guy who doesn't know he was born in Maine? 

It's flabbergasting that in 2014, we're even hearing this kind of regressive 1950's dialogue from the GOP. In 1972  the Republicans had passing the ERA listed as a goal in their party platform. 

Women comprise a little over half of the population. If the NH Republican Party has any intention of attracting female voters, they might want to rethink the mastodon strategy. 

Or, as  Ta-Nehisi Coates put it: To Stop Being the Party of Stupid You Must Stop Being Stupid


Anonymous said...

Betty Crocker is a whole lot less intimidating than Boudicca.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Senator Shaheen compared to Betty Crocker before. That speaker characterized the Senator as honest, trustworthy, and All-American. That sounds more like the Jeanne Shaheen I know.


Brian Loudermilch said...

If you think that the World is Screwed Up, Remember that 95 Percent of the decisions that got Us here were made by Men.

I don't expect that Fergus Cullen will ever acknowledge that Fact.

It's Definitely Time for MORE Women like Senator Shaheen in Public Office.