Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NH House Passes Pay Equity Bill

The bill passed the House: 187-134. Yes, Virginia, there are 134 legislators opposed to equal pay, here in the year 2014. One of them is Rep. William Infantine, (R. Stone Age):

Seriously? And you think you're going to get reelected, clownshoes? 

That certainly explains this:

The chief operating officer Yahoo fired in January made $96 million for his 15 months in the role, according to the New York Times’s analysis of the company’s latest proxy statement. Marissa Mayer on the other hand, his boss and the current CEO, made $62 million.
The fired COO, Henrique de Castro, got $58 million in severance pay thanks to a big increase in the company’s stock price while he was at the company. Yahoo’s board of directors said in the proxy statement that if the stock hadn’t risen, that package would have only been worth $17 million. He also got $11 million in salary and stock-based compensation last year and $39 million in 2012. He would have gotten more if the stock options had been fully vested when he left.

Marissa Mayer, the company’s female CEO, made a good deal less than that. For 2012 and 2013, she got just $62 million in compensation. Of course, she could see a good deal more from the millions in shares and options that will either vest if she stays for a long time or would be partially paid out if she were to leave early.
Clearly being the Chief Operating Officer at Yahoo is far more dangerous than being the CEO, right Rep. Infantine? 

Not true for legislators, lawyers, and grifters though, is it Obie? It's nice to see a guy who has never done any manual labor in his life become the champion of dangerous workplaces. 

The Man Without a Committee hath spoken. Men, men, men do all the REAL work. 

Of course 85% of domestic violence is experienced by women. Murder is one of the leading causes of death for pregnant women, and about 3 women per day are murdered by their husband/partner. 
I'm pretty sure Obie and his freedumb posse wouldn't want to trade places. 

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