Friday, April 11, 2014

Scott Brown Puts a Ring on It

Some of the signs that welcomed former  Senator Scott Brown as he (finally) announced his candidacy for the US Senate in Portsmouth. 

Or, one might say former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown announced his intent to run for the US Senate from his new home in NH. Elizabeth Dinan did a writeup on the protesters at the announcement, for seacoastonline. com. The highlight of her story:

Tristan Debree called Brown a carpetbagger and held a sign saying, “Scott Brown wants to confiscate your firearms.” He said conservatives, like him, want to “get rid of” Brown, “get a Republican who supports the Second Amendment,” and “then we can go after Shaheen.”
Constitutionalist group the Oath Keepers had representatives from New Hampshire and Connecticut. They held a Gadsen flag with the “Don't tread on me message” and described themselves as “liberty minded.”

The NH Oath Keepers brought Connecticut Oath Keepers in to call Scott Brown a carpetbagger. 
Irony sticks her head in the oven again. 

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Nikkiru said...

Has he at least changed his license plates yet?