Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Free Keeners Lose Again

From the Keene Sentinel

A judge has dismissed a petition against the Keene School District, ruling that voter-approved changes to seven petition articles were lawful.   Judge John C. Kissinger Jr. denied a request from residents Conan Salada, Darryl W. Perry, David Crawford and Eric LaRoche to find amendments made at the district's deliberative session illegal and to give residents a chance to vote on the original articles. The four had claimed the amendments changed the purpose of the articles and made them useless.

The judge disagreed:
When examining the language of state laws, the court has to follow "the plain and ordinary meaning to the words used," Kissinger wrote.In this case, the petitioners argued that the subject matter was eliminated because the amendments created a "nullity" where it made no difference whether residents voted "yes" or "no."

This is how the Free Staters often get into trouble. Plain and ordinary meanings of words seem to be problematic for them. 
A lot of them were unable to grasp the concept of censor vs. censure back in 2013.


Brian Loudermilch said...

I am really Lost on this one.

The Judge's statement indicates that the amendments in question were approved by the Voters.

The last time I checked, that sounded like a fairly accurate definition of the word "Democracy".

Right now, All I can see is another frivolous lawsuit that has accomplished Nothing.

Maybe I'm missing something. If I am could someone send me a Clue.

Anonymous said...

Here is fine example of wannabee state/nation "creators" who are truly out to lunch and have NO idea as to the legality of laws and city/nation building. They should at least procure the services of a high end lawyer who has experience in legislation and writing laws. And this individual would be able to clue them in as to the complexity of running state and country.