Sunday, May 18, 2014

Free Keeners Deface War Memorial

This is the Civil War Monument found in Keene NH's Central Square. It's an infantryman, cast in bronze, honoring the men of Keene who fought in the Civil War. More on the history of the monument can be found here.

No matter how one feels about war, this is a memorial to the dead. It is a work of art. And it is in a public park. 

That's why it is distressing to see this:

The Free Keeners have defaced the  monument, and not for the first time. If you look behind the current graffiti, you can see a faint peace sign underneath that won't wash off. Just before Memorial Day, too. 

In 2009, Ian "Freeload" Bernard proudly boasted on the FK website that "heroic activists" had defaced the statue. 

Some heroes. Right up there with Rosa Parks. 

These heroic activists are not employed. They do not pay taxes. Taxpayers pay for the upkeep of the pubic parks that these heroes vandalize on a regular basis. 

The self-proclaimed heroic activists seem to be under the impression that sidewalk chalking is a daring form of civil disobedience, as opposed to a nuisance and an eyesore. Chalk easily washes off sidewalks. 

Vandalizing a memorial is something else entirely. 

Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney were heroic activists. 

The FKers are stuck in perpetual delayed adolescence, spending their days engaging in bullying meter readers and defacing public property. 

Heroes?  Not so you'd notice. 


Anonymous said...

This type of crime rings similar to the kind committed by the KKK and Aryan groups. Juvenile, lacking in IQ, ignorant and plain stupid. It's so bad I hope the offenders are caught and severely punished. Community work with the homeless for no less than a year would be a start. Their behavior is un-American. Something that has yet to be understood by them.

Steven J. Connolly said...

"When for years a doctrine is foretold that the Slavs are an inferior race and that the Hebrews aren't quite human, it is unavoidable that a similar outbreak will end like the proceeding one."- Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski

There are no jobs in Keene Susan The Bruce, so how could you possibly arrive at a statement like this?

As for your biased, undefined and slavish devotion to stone monuments you're only displaying an ignorance of history.

Revisionist history.

There will be another outbreak, Free Keene v. Stop Free Keene demonstrates this. It's unfortunate that mankind can't learn.

susanthe said...

Oh, look who is here, posting on topic! It's KKKonnolly.

I found pages and pages of jobs in the Keene Sentinel want ads, KKKonolly:

I'm unsurprised to see you defending defacers of monuments - but it is out of character for a Republican. Aren't you all supposed to be waving flags and bleating about your patriotism?

Bob said...

Wow Conny, I read some of your site. You went right from not understanding the real costs of free speech to misogyny in what, only 5 or 6 paragraphs? Now that's talent!

susanthe said...

Thanks for stopping by, Bob. I never cease to marvel at the thin skinned whiners of the FSP. Can I get you a hankie?

Bob said...

Heh! Thanks fo the site. Always a good read. Cheers.

susanthe said...

Yikes, sorry Bob. I thought you were one of them leaving a nonsense message. After 8 hours of sleep I can see you were speaking to my Nazi stalker. (The Free Staters love to accuse me of misogyny.)

Mr. Connolly has been a state rep in the past, and is planning to run for office again. Perhaps he can get some tips from the former police commissioner in Wolfeboro.

Bob said...

No Prob StB.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any evidence free keene folks did this?

susanthe said...


Dan Flynn said...

I was able to see both sides of the chalkung issue. Mostly was wishing it would become.e a non-issue eventually. I've always enjoyed chalk art, perhaps because it is temporary like most sand castles. But now it seems this issue is getting legs. Though I have to wonder if that's not what some folks on both sides of the issue had hoped for. I wish they'd limit drawings to sidewalks with tasteful subject matter.