Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Stater Blames Brentwood Cop for his own Death

Brentwood Police Officer Steve Arkell who was killed in the line of duty.

Free Stater Chris Cantwell blames Officer Arkell for his own death:

"I don’t know the Nolan family, but according to neighbors, they weren’t dangerous people. Susan Hughes told the Union Leader that Michael Nolan “never really talked to anybody; he stays upstairs with his TV on.” James Culbertson, 73, said the elder Nolan “seemed like a nice guy.” The Union Leader reported that Walter Nolan’s wife died two years ago, and Michael Nolan’s died of cancer in 2008.

So how do these seemingly normal people find themselves in a gun fight and exploding home? Obviously, it’s because the great escalators showed up. Some busybody neighbor hears an “argument” and thinks this is a really great reason to dial 911, knowing that the most violent people around (the police) are going to show up. Said violent people show up, enter the house with a gun, without permission, and surprisingly enough, these folks who didn’t ask for help, aren’t so happy about this.

For whatever reason, maybe he’s irrational because he’s in a heated argument, maybe he genuinely doesn’t know it’s a cop, maybe he’s rightfully fed up with police breaking into homes, the guy in the house opens fire on the cop, killing him. Once this happens, he knows his life is pretty much over. He knows that more police are going to come, and if he’s lucky enough to survive the ride to the jail, he’ll probably never leave. Faced with this horrific scenario, setting his home ablaze and taking his own life starts seeming like a reasonable alternative."

Cantwell is working those "maybes" mighty hard. He has no idea what happened. In his twisted mind, it may be "obvious" that the shooting and explosion were because the police showed up. There's no room in his philosophy for the possibility of senility, mental illness, or alcoholism combined with weapons and explosives and the potential results.  He's a  virulent and potentially violent cop hater who was publicly kicked out of the Free State Project for advocating "violence against government agents." As Cantwell makes clear in his own blog, that BIG PUBLIC STAND on the part of the FSP, was just that. It was a show:

I’m not ostracized by every member of the Free State Project, in fact I’m still facebook friends with the president thereof, this is a PR stunt to avoid unwanted attention. New Hampshire is a great place to live, and the FSP board is only 5 people.

That much is true. Cantwell regularly posts on Free Stater blogs and forums. Many members of the FSP are listed as his FaceBook friends, including Free State Project President Carla Gericke and Free Keene cult leader Ian Freeload, whose views on the age of consent for sex between adults and children recently came to light. 

I've lived in NH for 30 years, and I've never had to get fed up with police breaking into my home. Why? It's never happened.

Cantwell goes on to put the frosting on his hate cake:

"As a New Hampshire resident, I couldn’t disagree more. I mourn the loss of Michael Nolan. I mourn the injuries of his father. I’m upset about the property damage. Not the loss of Officer Arkell’s life."

Cantwell's armchair suppositions are repellent. Blaming Officer Arkell for his own death is beyond the pale. 

The armed miscreants of the Free State Project who are in the process of colonizing our state love to tell us how peaceful they are. 



Christopher Cantwell said...

Do you have any indication that this scumbag cop didn't cause his own death? Sounds like you're making assumptions too. Seems as though you hate non-police.

susanthe said...

Nice to see the Free Stater adherence to the non-aggression principle in action, Mr. Cantwell.

Anonymous said...

I think this neuters anything Mr. Rantwell has to say.

"BRENTWOOD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire police officer fatally shot by a man who later died in a roaring house fire was invited into the home by the gunman's father during an argument and was immediately cut down without a chance to draw his weapon, authorities said Tuesday."

Anonymous said...

Chris Cantwell is not a participate of the FSP. He was removed from the 'Rolls' after advocating violence against State Employees.

susanthe said...

Dear Anonymous #2 - I addressed that in the post that you apparently didn't read.

susanthe said...

Dear Anonymous #2 - I addressed that in the post that you apparently didn't read.

stopfreekeene said...

Christopher Cantwell's accusations of hatemongering and "being a scumbag" fall flat when you take a look at his "The Libertarian Brutalist" Facebook page. Homophobia and misogyny are par for the course.

James Babb said...

Home invader dies during a botched home invasion. Nothing to mourn there. The invader's costume or jewelry change nothing.

susanthe said...

Thanks for stopping by James. I don't care much for shitheads, so please don't bother coming back.

Stacey Foberg said...