Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Free Stater Cantwell: Sad, Mad, Victim

It seems my blog piece on the sickening views expressed by Free Stater Chris Cantwell caused him to get the sadz and the madz. How dare anyone criticize him for blaming a police officer for being killed in the line of duty and cheering about it? 

Free Staters are as constant as the sun and the moon in one respect: if you criticize them, they whine. It's always someone else's fault, and they are always the victims. 

In Cantwell's case, he had a big old hissy fit for himself. (NSFW)

The thing about putting your opinions out there in public is - you get held accountable for them. That's the joy and the sorrow of the First Amendment.  Cantwell's rant is the violent, heavily armed, adult version of a two year old tantrum in the supermarket. 

This is what the Free State Project has brought to our state. A big, angry, unstable, armed baby. 


Brian Loudermilch said...

Nobody in the World enjoys paying Taxes.

Some of Us are mature enough to Understand that Taxes pay for some of the things that WE WANT.

Those things include the Police, the Fire Department, Roads, Sewers, schools, Courts and Jails.

ALL of those things are part of what is commonly referred to as "Civilization".

If Mr. Cantwell doesn't want to live with a Government, He should MOVE to a place that doesn't have one, like Somollia.

victoria said...

I wonder what Mr. Cantwell would have to say about this -

susanthe said...

I feel certain that Mr. Cantwell would dismiss it as propaganda from "statist media." Would he recognize a fellow traveler?

Anonymous said...

Horrendous, uncivilized, ignorant, uneducated - the list is endless. To use the killing of a law enforcement officer for his own stupid argument is inexcusable. This makes Cantwell the enemy. When we are in danger, who are the very FIRST people we call? No, Cantwell, not Ghostbusters. We call Law Enforcement!!! You are the enemy and we have seen you.

Anonymous said...

I think this fantastic, everyone should broadcast his videos and articles far and wide. See, he thinks what he is saying is rational and that people will agree with him if they could only hear him explain it.

Unfortunately for Mr. Cantwell, 99% of people view his opinions as insane. Everyone outside of the tiny frat boy collection of libertarians and anarchists are repulsed by their ideas.

Keep shouting Chris, you are doing us all a favor!

Christopher Cantwell said...

I was talking about the comments on my blog, retard. I don't care about your blog. lol

susanthe said...

What a clever and witty response.