Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Stater Ian Bernard Opposes ANY Age of Consent

Ian "Freeload" Bernard of the Free Keene sideshow of the Free State Project, speaking on air - on his radio call in show, expounds on his view that children are able to decide for themselves when to be sexually active. Apparently children can't be exploited - they're perfectly capable of deciding for themselves. He doesn't believe in any age of consent. He doesn't give a cut off age, either. Would an infant be capable of consent in the twisted view of Ian Bernard?  

This is libertarianism taken to the extreme edge of the extreme. 

Notice how pissy he gets with the caller - and how uncomfortable his cohost becomes. (Note: his cohost is a convicted murderer.)  It seems "Pastor" Freeload thinks that if adults want to schtup children, it's nobody's business. 

Thanks Free State Project - you've really brought the cream of the crop to NH.  

h/t to SFK    This is a clip from the January 7, 2010 Free Talk Live show.


Anonymous said...

Finally. Eventually the truth comes out. Pedophilia it appears may be the underlying sentiment here? This cult sounds very similar to the whacked out Mormon crowd out west who exploit really young girls. Ugh, sick. The bigger problem is - how do we run these yahoos out of the state?

Brian Loudermilch said...

Notes to New Hampshire Media:

Intelligence does NOT require Stupidity for "Balance".

Providing a platform for Insane people is NOT a public service.

Artemisia said...

Thank you, Susan, for continuing to shine a light on this club for misfits. It helps to raise awareness. During local and state elections, I hear "Is he a free stater?" a lot more than I used to. And there's always someone nearby who wants to know what that is (followed by the inevitable "WTF" moment).

nelle said...

No accountability, ever. That seems to be their working theory. Every law is only a suggestion; compliance is voluntary.

I wish Grace Metalious was still around... what would she make of this 'philosophy' - and what unseemliness undoubtedly lurks out there? Entitled jerks.