Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ManBrain Emerges from Maine ManCave

Apparently Maine's GOP is feeling the need to compete with the ongoing antics of the NH House. Today in a debate on Medicaid expansion in Maine, Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport took the opportunity to expound on his (obviously) superior man brain:

From our friends at ThinkProgress:

Fredette’s gendered argument apparently did not win over his fellow lawmakers, who passed Medicaid expansion today. Fredette’s “man’s brain” actually got the facts on Medicaid expansion wrong; as Maine People’s Alliance Health Care Organizer Jennie Pirkl noted, “Even the conservative Heritage Foundation admits that accepting federal health care funding will save the state $690 million over the next decade while providing health care coverage for 70,000 more Maine people.”
State Rep. Diane Russell (D-ME) was not amused by Fredette’s dismissal of her “woman’s brain,” remarking to ThinkProgress, “I thought it was 2013, not 1813. Apparently, I was wrong.”

After that brilliant oratory, it's difficult to imagine that Maine went ahead and passed expanded Medicaid. 

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Brian Loudermilch said...

The Maine Legislature did the
right thing for the People of

Who Knows, Maybe SOME DAY the
people living in NH will have
a Legislature that THINKS and
ACTS the same way.

I Should Live So Long.