Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Gun Crowd Goes Beserk

The No More Names bus tour, organized by Mayors against Gun Violence stopped in Concord today. There were people on hand (including Quakers and members of the clergy) to read the names of all those who have been killed by gun violence since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The scaredy gun crowd showed up and made a big, ugly spectacle of themselves. They were a mob of angry white men, shouting at ministers, shouting at anyone who wasn't one of them. One particularly charming fellow threatened to shove my camera up my ass. There's only one amendment in their Constitution, and it's not the same one that I'm a dedicated practitioner of.

I told him I was a member of the media, and he said he didn't give a shit if I was the Pope. Then he bellowed "You can't be the Pope - you don't have a dick!" I said, "I guess that means I can't be you, either." He decided that was the end of our witty banter.

I chatted with a heckler for a while. I asked him if he didn't think it was rude to shout at people. He said that it usually was, but that they weren't answering him. He wanted to talk to them, he said. I pointed out that screaming at people might not be the best way to begin a respectful dialogue. He was stymied. He really didn't know what to say to me. All these people have to say is GUNS! SECOND AMENDMENT! FREEDUMB! DON'T TAKE MY GUNS AWAY!

One heckler screamed "My mother was raped because she didn't have a gun." That pretty much absolves the rapist of any responsibility. Another shouted at the person reading names, "Why don't you kill yourself?" Another shouted, "You're reading names on a list - it doesn't mean anything."

A man was arrested after attacking John Cantin, whose daughter was murdered in Manchester in 2009.

When the police came, a lot of the gun crowd skittered away like cockroaches. They got their game back though, and began bellowing again. A call must have gone out, because a bunch of guys showed up with big guns and multiple guns. It was a fascinating response from those folks who always insist they are peaceful, law abiding folk. They showed what lies behind the mask today. It's angry, it's white, it's male, and it's ready to attack anyone who dares disagree with it.

This guy with the gold emblem on his shirt came very, very close to assaulting Mo Baxley.

As the names of the dead were read, the gun crowd shouted "Shame on you."

Shame on us, NH.


Anonymous said...

From what I'm reading of the behavior of the white male gun crowd, they have demonstrated themselves to be what has always been thought of them - the scum of humanity. Absolute scum with nary an iota of education, decorum or class. And it's just too bad and sad they don't take their very own advice and turn their own weapons onto themselves. Such a shame. Susan, quick comeback on your side - excellent!!

Anonymous said...

Do ANY of these teabagger guys ever do normal stuff, like comb their hair or dress in civvies? You can tell these guys a mile away. They look like they escaped from the "day room" at the local mental hospital. I love how they kept shouting AYOTTE! AYOTTE! AYOTTE! Kelly's fan base. She must be so proud.

Jon Hopwood said...

The only surprise is that more of the gun nuts weren't arrested. That's a Concord cop telling an aggressive gun nut, "Don't you do that" as he moved in on the arrest, and was answered with "F--- you!" Check old the old fart getting aggressive and dropping F-bombs on the fuzz! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeO17ckHVKY

Anonymous said...

You people should really look at yourselves, there is not much class coming from any of you. You take the word of a person being this Susan the Bruce, for face value without checking the fact. I can't disagree some people die from gun violence, but how about cars according to gov't stats more people die from cars, or how about mal practice, and nobody thinks it's a good idea to ban those. And according to the Constitution you people talk about adhering to those are not right not even mentioned.

susanthe said...

Dear Anonymouse - it's always a pleasure to hear from such a towering intellect.

Robert W. Mann said...

Though I like your response, "Then I couldn't be you either," I think I would have enjoyed it more if you had retorted than he couldn't be the Pope either. Now, I'm not sure that anything that the Pope does requires a dick but I would think it more desirable to assert that he didn't have a dick. That is the kind of person that behaved as did those gunsels I experienced there. They couldn't have their own rally, they had to glomb onto ours. I found that one of the hecklers did calm down after I told him that I hoped that I could show up at his parent's funeral and scream at his relations. This was to commemorate those killed by gun violence.

Anonymous said...

Can any of you "liberals" ever see or smell ANYTHING correctly, with your heads shoved so far up? EVERY "GENOCIDE" IN HISTORY, FIRST BEGAN WITH "GUN CONTROL." You twits have most obviously not even bothered to READ your own history (thank you "public education"). This NATION was founded, and a Revolution started, AGAINST King George III, BECAUSE of HIS attempts at "gun control." Least any of you forgot what Lexington & Concord was all about.

susanthe said...

Dear Anony-mouse: Can any of you mouth breathing gun nuts ever comprehend anything you read? Do point to the direct quote in my blog piece where I even mention the words "gun control."

Then feel free to apologize if you're man enough.

Oh, wait. You aren't.