Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What is Wrong With the NH Media: An Illustration

Big press conference today at the LOB, on the subject of medicaid expansion. Good speakers, good experts who gave  good answers to questions. Lots of media.

And what did the reporters from our major papers do the minute the press conference ended?

They raced over to Greg Moore of Americans for Prosperity. As you can see in the picture above, Moore is surrounded by Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph, Garry Rayno of the Union Leader, and Norma Love of the AP.

Greg Moore is not an expert on health care or Medicaid. Greg Moore is a shill for a far rightwing group that claims tax free status so they don't have to disclose their donors. (Don't whinge about the IRS, APF. You slithered through - and the last thing you are is charitable. To anyone.)

Some of those donors are undoubtedly paying for Greg Moore's health insurance. During the last biennium his insurance was paid by NH taxpayers, while he worked for disgraced former speaker Bill O'Brien.

This is what is wrong with the NH media. A roomful of experts to talk to, but  they'll break their legs to interview a wingnut who has nothing but propaganda to offer.


Matt M said...

May be you can answer what Greg is talking about?

"Greg Moore, state director of Americans for Prosperity and a former, state health and human services spokesman, disputed that claim.

“I can say that is categorically untrue,” Moore said.

A past, federal health agency chief made a “handshake deal” with then-Gov. Craig Benson over disproportionate share payments only to have his replacement renege upon it, Moore said."

It was a worthless excuse to quote someone who has no reason to be quoted. Medicaid is not a single payer universal system we all want, but it is start.

Anonymous said...

I've felt for a longtime that the NH press is lame and gutless. They pander rather than ask the hard pointed questions that the rest of us are asking. Medicaid being a start to what??? Medicaid is a program developed for those who are disadvantaged and particularly for babies and children and pregnant women. It is certainly NOT a start for single payer healthcare. Neither is Romney/Obamacare.