Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's Back....Stellaaaaaaaaaah!!!

NH State Rep. Stella Tremblay achieved global fame when she called the Boston marathon bombings a terrorist attack by the US government. Many of her fellow Republicans were horrified by her suggestions that those were actors, not injured people. NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn denounced her comments AND told her to shut up. Stellaaaaaaaah!! kept on talking. Then she issued a fauxpology if anyone was offended.

Finally she stopped. She avoided the State House for weeks. She wasn't present the day the House issued a resolution stating that they did not share her views.

In recent weeks she's been back in committee, back in House sessions. And now, she's REALLY back, all the way back. Oh, Stella -  how I've missed you!

Today Stella sent this email out to all members of the NH House and Senate:

From: Tremblay, Stella
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 8:29 AM
To: ~All Representatives
Cc: ~Senators
Subject: Follow up Reports
This is the link sent to me that started me questioning the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Is there a possibility that this man may be telling the truth?   Lt. Col Potter:   Boston Marathon Bombings   Crisis Actors helping the military  CNN   Look logically at these videos.   Ruslan Tsarni  (Uncle of Boston Bombers)’CIA Connections and Graham Fuller
Have you seen ANY main stream media doing a follow up on these stories?   I have not.   I just connect the dots.  Apparently, it is very dangerous to seek truth, or ask questions.


You have to hand it to her. She's completely undaunted by the derision heaped upon her by members of her own political party. She was mocked by people around the world - and she is undeterred in her quest to prove that wearers of tinfoil are correct, and the US government blew up the Boston Marathon. 

Coincidence? I think not:

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Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm ok now. Was in a lot of pain from laughing. These poor demented fools. Nobody told them that the GOVERNMENT (gummint to them) already HAVE POWER!! They don't have to TAKE POWER. They HAVE IT. Now I don't laugh at all conspiracy theories, but Stella is so out to lunch poor thing, not even Stanley Kawalsky could save her sorry ..s. Apologies to Street Car Named Desire for incorrect spelling, but to Stella T. of NH it doesn't matter. Spelling is now the very least of her problems.

samiinh said...

Stella should be institutionalized for her own safety and those around her.

samiinh said...

Dear Susan,

I wish your bot modifier were a little easier to read. I'm 70 years old and have had cataract surgery. I find the words hard to figure out.

susanthe said...

saminnh - I apologize for being one of the least tech savvy people on the planet - I don't know what my bot modifier is, or if it's anything I can do anything about.