Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shame On You, WMUR

As anyone who was at the Gun Nut Melee yesterday is aware, WMUR's coverage was pure, slanted, bunkum. Adam Sexton and I were both there at the same time - so presumably we saw the same things. Yet, for reasons unknown, his report was slanted to sound as if that one guy who was arrested was the only heckler.

He was not. 

This is Adam Sexton in the gray suit, showing what I presume are pictures of his adorable baby to a guy in a gray tee shirt and a hat. Gray Tee Shirt was a loud, and persistent heckler, throughout the entire event. 

There was no mention in the WMUR story of the anti-Semitic slurs shouted about Mayor Bloomberg. No mention of the crowd yelling Ayotte, Ayotte, Ayotte as an intoxicated gun nut attacked a man whose daughter was murdered as he spoke to the crowd. No mention of the crowd attempting to shout down a minister. 

In this picture we also see disgraced former NHGOP Chair Jack Kimball, who Sexton chose to give airtime to, rather than present the reality of the angry mob of gun nuts who were threatening, harassing, and in some cases assaulting the people who were there to participate in a peaceful vigil honoring victims of gun violence. Sexton didn't bother speaking to any of the people there to participate in the vigil. He kept far away from them, choosing only to speak to members of the angry, disruptive, and violent mob. 

This report was irresponsible and dishonest. Shame on you, WMUR. 

I've long said that WMUR is the TV equivalent of the Union Leader. It's a shame they feel compelled to keep on proving me right. 

Contact info for WMUR:

WMUR-TV Broadcast Center 
100 South Commercial Street 
Manchester, NH 03101 
(603) 669-9999 
FAX: (603) 641-9005 


Stephen Desrosiers said...

Wmur tv is a subsidiary of the manchester union leaker and the loebotomy method of governance!

nellewrites said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Have NOT and never will patronize WMUR in any way shape or form. They are the epitome of spineless. And little Adam Sexton? That's what you get when you send a boy to do a real man's job.