Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NH House Bill 1504 - Life Begins at Conception

Sadly for the NH House libertea crowd, HB 1504, an attempt at giving a clump of cells the same legal rights as an adult woman...petered out. 


Anonymous said...

Petered out or something else? To be completely fair in dealing with this issue, if every single cell is sacred, then male masturbation MUST be abolished within the LibbyTea crowd. This activity is after all under their belief system, murder. These people are so pathetically ridiculous, that it's hard to believe many times it is 2014. The Inquisition has returned.

Brian Loudermilch said...

Our Legislature has ALL the time in the world to worry about the status of a bunch of unborn cells.

Any word on the 300+ bridges in this state that are designated "Structure Deficient" ?

Sadly, the answer is NO.

This is what you get when the Agenda is defined by a bunch of Village Idiots.