Saturday, October 05, 2013

NHGOP Clown Car Trolling Twitter

Some people started a twitter snit, and included me. One of them was the ever calm and even tempered State Rep. Al Baldasaro, and another was State Representative Leon Rideout. 

Let me say that again. State Representative. This man is an elected official, and this is a sample of what he tweeted me: 

To paraphrase the great Charlie Pierce, "This is your legislature, New Hampshire.  Cherish it." 

As an aside - every vote counts in state elections. Leon Rideout beat Evalyn Merrick (who never tweeted out anything like this) by just 34 votes. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing homophobic in the tweets You are a joke a liberal shill no substance

susanthe said...

Thanks, Representative Rideout. You're the kind of legislator that we can all point to with pride.

Anonymous said...

Gee Susan, I've never known you to be obsessed with homosexuals. Those two clowns certainly seem to be, though. You know what they say about people who obsess about other people who are different from them? Can you spell L-A-T-E-N-T? A guy who gets married four or five times is certainly suspect in this area. He must be doing something mighty funky to drive away that many women.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting, pathetic and totally low life from a STATE REP. Clearly needs Psychiatric care but only AFTER dismissal from political posts.