Saturday, October 05, 2013

Sluts or Nuts - NH Rep. Burt's Take on Women

It all started with a Facebook conversation about the government shutdown. As I wrote about earlier this week, NH State Representative John Burt is a fan of the shutdown. 

It wasn't my FB page, and so I've carefully done screengrabs that only document the conversation between Representative Burt and myself. 

Apparently women were supposed to be grateful that they were chattel. Yippee! 

Representative Burt demonstrates his brand of feminism: 

   This was the end of the dialogue:

I run into this sort of thing a lot. Apparently I'm not appropriately grateful for the stern patriarchs who are attempting to exercise their God given right to rule the female reproductive system. 

This was a new twist though. A duly elected state representative from the town of Goffstown has given us a great deal of insight into his views on women. 

We now that any woman who is audacious enough to think she has a right to medical privacy and bodily autonomy must want to "lay with 100 men a night." He wasn't quite stupid enough to use the term "slut" or "whore" but the inference is clear. 

In fact - a woman audacious enough to think she has the right to medical privacy and bodily autonomy must want to marry her dog! Because only sluts and nuts want to wrest control of their uteruses away from Republican men, amirite? 

As you can also see, Rep. Burt offered up that claim about women marrying dogs as if it were the gospel truth. When pressed, he couldn't find a single case of a woman wanting to do any such thing. He wasn't honest enough to admit that, though. 

He also tried to make it sound as if his opposition to contraception or abortion had only to do with taxpayer money, but given his voting record, that just isn't so. 

Granite State Progress compiled  report cards from the 2011/2012 legislative session. Representative Burt voted against women's health at every opportunity. 

He voted to repeal insurance coverage for midwives. He voted to repeal insurance coverage for contraception. He voted to allow employers to discriminate on the basis of their religion and not cover contraception for their female employees. He voted in favor of a bill that would have forced doctors to give dishonest information to women seeking abortions - including the debunked link between abortion and breast cancer. Governor Lynch vetoed a bill that would ban abortion even when a woman's life was in jeopardy. 

John Burt voted to override the veto. He'd prefer that a woman die rather than get an abortion that would save her life. 

Let's summarize. He doesn't think your insurance company should cover contraception. (But Viagra, Cialis, penis pumps, and implants are routinely covered by insurance. That's different!)
He doesn't want you to have midwife coverage if you get pregnant. And if your pregnancy puts your life at risk - he wants you to die.

Why would any woman vote for this man? He can scarcely conceal his contempt for us.  

h/t to Granite State Progress for the legislative report cards. 

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Nikkiru said...

I think he kinda has a point. I'd rather live with almost any dog I ever knew than with this guy.