Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pulling the Small Business Wool Over Voter's Eyes

Fergus Cullen was the Chair of the NH Republican Party from 2007 - 2008. He's managed campaigns, he's a paid columnist at the Union Leader, and now he's running for an at-large seat on the Dover City Council. This is his candidate biography:

The Fergus of 2007 had a house painting business. He was indeed a small business owner. The Fergus of 2013 left the painting biz a long time ago, but kept the claim of being a small businessman. 
Does a guy who is the Executive Director of a think tank in Connecticut (something he failed to mention in his bio) really qualify as a small businessman? The Yankee Institute of Public Policy  is a far right think tank, chummy with the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation. 

Perhaps Mr. Cullen wants us to consider his consulting business as small, even though it operates in two states:

Fergus Cullen Communications
152 Boxwood Lane, Dover, NH 03820
133 Allen Place, Hartford, CT 06106

Let us take just a moment to enjoy the GOP mindset. They love to rail against the "east coast elites" and their commie Ivy League colleges - yet so many of them attended those very same schools. Can that be what this is all about? Is Fergus trying to rid himself of the taint of poison Ivy by pretending to be a small business man o'the people?  It's true that the Yankee Institute of Public policy isn't doing well. Their funding was down by about $100,000 last year. They list 4 employees on their tax return - and maybe that's what Fergus is using to create the fiction - but a small business is not the same as a non-profit. Business, by definition is FOR profit. 

So, why the fiction, Fergus? 


Anonymous said...

Fiction because he and his ilk preach to the idiot masses who love to listen - and they are numerous as well we know. These individuals are very adept at what they do. How else could they convince all those poorer folk living in dire circumstances that supporting the 1% is not only smart but brilliant. And it works!!! Ivy League 1% IQ'rs such as Dubya is a classic example.

Steven J. Connolly said...

Is this anything beyond a cocktail conversation?

Putney said...

Where did he go to college?

susanthe said...

Yale, then Harvard.