Friday, October 18, 2013

No Silva Lining for this Racist

Former NH State Representative Peter Silva is trying to win back his old seat in a November 5 special election that will be held in Nashua. Silva is a Republican. His opponent in the race is Latha Mangipudi, a Democrat of Indian descent. 

Pete Silva spoke at a Nashua Republican City Committee forum for Board of Alderman candidates. From the  Nashua Telegraph:

In what he later called an attempt to convince Republican voters to take the upcoming election seriously, Silva predicted Mangipudi could benefit from a large turnout of Indian voters, saying “they’ll be coming out of the woodwork” on voting day, Nov. 5.

Silva referenced the Sept. 17 primary, in which Mangipudi and Carl Andrade faced off for the Democratic nomination. “I thought I was in New Delhi,” he said, emphasizing the large turnout of Indian voters at the ward polling place, Bicentennial Elementary School.

Ward 8 has a large population of residents that are of Asian and Indian descent. Apparently Silva's not courting their votes. 

Silva insists his comments were aimed at rallying Republicans to not take the Nov. 5 election lightly. “The fact is, if (Republicans) are gong to take this election lackadaisically, then we’re going to lose. My comments were made to make people aware there’s a tide against us this time.”

And he was offering no apologies.

That sounds honest to me. He was using racist commentary to gin up the fears of his fellow Republicans to get them to go out and vote for him. The fear of the "tide" of scary brown folks. At least he's not pretending to be anything other than what he is. Racist. 

Naturally, there were people who called Silva out for his comments. He remains unrepentant:

Silva accused his detractors of “political correctness” and for spinning reality.
“It’s amazing how people can spin things. Fifty or 60 people (at the forum) heard this in context. This politically correct stuff has got to go,” he said.

One can't help but wonder - what kind of context could have justified his comments. If they'd all been wearing white robes and pointy hoods maybe? 

Photo from Carol Robidoux at Nashua Patch. Silva was a Perry supporter - which makes him even more mockworthy. 


Michael P. Pedersen said...

What Latha needs right now is more boots on the ground. That would mean holding signs on the corner and knocking on doors for a few hours on the weekends prior to the Nov 5th election. Please contact Latha at: 603-891-1239 or Email: Thank you. Please help.

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