Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Yay Shutdown!

There are many NH House members who are overjoyed about the government shutdown. Most of them have had the sense to keep their glee out of the public eye. 

After all, when they cheer the shutdown, they're cheering that the Saint Gaudens National Park in Cornish is closed right now - during peak foliage. They're cheering that the Forest Service is closed, during peak foliage. Oh, the woods are still open - but not the welcome centers, or the bathrooms. Nothing says welcome to NH like a locked bathroom. 

When they cheer the shut down, they're cheering for all of the small business people who may have trouble getting an SBA loan. Or the people who won't be able to get FHA loans to buy new homes. 

They're cheering the Head Start programs that will close. They're cheering the women who won't be able to get WIC (Women, Infants, Children) supplemental food assistance. Nothing says "GOP, Party of Life" like cutting babies off from infant formula. 

And most of them kept it off their FB pages. But not all:

Not only is Representative John Burt of Goffstown happy that the government has shut down - he thinks those low income infants shouldn't get any formula till February. 

Nothing says Freedumb and Libertea like taking food away from babies! 


Richard Taylor said...

He's also an idiot if he thinks the NSA is shut down

Anonymous said...

This is a good example of how stupid the voting public is and how short their memories are. I recall well the previous govt. shutdowns and the right continue to vote into office the 1% who are never affected by the shutdowns. They would be if "We The People" had the power to disconnect their platinum health coverage services and fancy perks they get. This should be a good example of just how powerless We The People are. No one's getting it.

Notes for Robots said...

While I am one of those gleefully enjoying the "government shutdown," I know in fact it is but anything of the sort.

How have we run out of money when we apparently could have afforded bombing Syria just a few months ago?

The first thing to go when government spending is at an insane level are to "close" the few government "services" that people actually like and want. How about we end the wars and our empire building programs first? End corporate subsidies? You know actual unnecessary government waste. Of course not.

And that's why I laugh because the whole thing is a farce. It's a way to strike fear into the public and claim their relevancy.

You know why Franconia Notch won't close during peak foliage season? Because although a state park, it is privately managed and people are willing to voluntarily keep it open. Unlike most government spending where all accounting choices are politically motivated and not motivated by the "will of the people"

susanthe said...

Ah yes. I remember well your laughter, Robot. You had all kinds of laughter and contempt for people at the House budget hearings. http://www.robotnotes.com/2013/05/17/im-a-narcissistic-cultist/

The real life impacts on real people don't matter to you. Sociopaths lack compassion.

Of course if you were interested in doing anything about gummint spending and waste, you would be. Instead you're a Free Stater - bleating about BearCats.

Notes for Robots said...

Sorry, Susan.

Two wrongs don't make a right. If it is wrong to go to your neighbor's house, take money from her wallet, and do what you'd please with it, including something as good intentioned as helping the less fortunate, then the same moral rule should apply to those claiming "I'm from the government."

susanthe said...


When you stop using gummint roads, bridges, water, and sewer, I'll consider taking you seriously. When you go to prison for standing up and refusing to pay your taxes on principle - I will take you seriously.

We both know that's never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

.....Bitcoin - just invaded by the FBI for illegal drug trafficking and who knows what else. Perhaps illegal politician purchasing? A lot of "natural" sites in our nation are privately owned. This is nothing new but we should all bear in mind that the National Parks (see Ken Burns' magnificent documentaries on their creation) will be shut down. Nothing to celebrate in our abject failure as a nation to be cohesive and united.