Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Free Staters Love Small Gummint....Except When They Don't

                                                    (Just a meme - not O'Flaherty.)

Our friends from the Free State Project claim to worship at the altar of small gummint. They claim to believe that gummint shouldn't be involved in our personal lives.

It's completely consistent that Free State legislators Tim O'Flaherty and Carol McGuire sponsored a bill to repeal the crime of adultery: HB 1125 . It's an old, outdated crime that's still on the NH books.

The bill comes out of the Children and Family Law Committee with a 15-0 recommendation that the entire house should pass the bill.

Quickly we veer off into the land of inconsistent, with HB 1218. Rep. O'Flaherty is the only sponsor of this bill  - one that redefines the "acts" that constitute the crime of adultery.

From the bill:

645:3 Adultery. A person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor if, being a married person, he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another not his or her spouse or, being unmarried, engages in sexual intercourse with another known by him or her to be married. In this section, “sexual intercourse” shall include anal penetration.

This bill doesn't seem to fall into the "gummint should stay out of our personal lives" belief system that our Free Stater brethren claim to adhere to. 

I'm guessing that this is a BIG IRONY move on the part of O'Flaherty. He's gonna teach us statists a lesson by making a mockery of the system. Former (one-term) Representative Seth Cohn made an amendment to a bill to repeal marriage equality that would have banned left handed people from getting married. Cohn's move was aimed at getting national attention for himself. O'Flaherty (coached by Cohn) wants to make a mockery of the system that he hates being part of. 

Rather than do any actual work to get support for the repeal bill, O'Flaherty filed two bills - the better to waste the taxpayer's dollars, and the time of his colleagues.

O'Flaherty  admits it "turns his stomach" to be a part of the legislature. If he had even an iota of integrity, he'd resign at once.

Prediction: Seth Cohn will comment within an hour of this blog going online.

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Rep. O'Flaherty's expanded adultery bill was soundly voted down. Curious that he didn't mention oral sex, isn't it? Free Staters are so male-centric it wouldn't occur to them to think about/include women. 

Rep. O'Flaherty's bill repealing NH's antique adultery statute did pass. 

Someone must have duct taped Seth Cohn to a chair.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love it when they use tax payer dollars to fund their egos. The adultery legislation repeal is a no-brainer and requires no sarcastic, sardonic action as only a lunatic would oppose its repeal.

Easy fish to poach I guess is their plan. Mindlessness, not mindfulness is certainly the FSP practice.

Anonymous said...

Small minds = ineffective, uncreative and damaging behavior. Evidently these are extraordinarily petty individuals whose brain functioning's go no further than toilet and sex activities.

Brian Loudermilch said...

There are several HUNDRED bridges in this state that are in dire need of repair.

At some point in time, those bridges are going to collapse and people are going to DIE when that happens.

Apparently, repealing Old laws that NOBODY cares about is More important than the Public safety.

I'm Soooo Happy those folks have their Priorities in Order.

Anonymous said...

O'Flaherty put the "mockery" bill in because he saw that the original law was sexist/bigoted. the way the law was written, it made it a crime only if you have extramarital sex with someone whose sex is not the same as yours. consequently, a gay man could be cheated on by his husband, the cheater cheating with a man, and it would not violate this law. homosexuals were basically exempted from this law.
anyway I don't know why you keep attacking him. he voted for the gas tax increase. he's clearly further left than he's being accused of. he's doing some good things. last election a republican free stater guy ran against him. aren't we glad he didn't win?

susanthe said...

O'Flaherty is on video talking about how much he hates serving in the legislature. If he had even an iota of integrity, he'd step down. Now, I'm sure he's not a taxpayer, because most Free Staters appear to be unemployed and unemployable - but as a taxpayer, I don't appreciate him wasting NH tax dollars on a bill aimed at "mocking."

O'Flaherty is not any kind of left. He got over a 90% rating from Americans for Prosperity, the far right wing Koch funded political group. He had a higher rating than many life long Republicans.

I'm supposed to be happy that a fake Democrat Free Stater beat a fake Republican Free Stater in the last election? If the other guy - who was O'Flaherty's roommate at the time - had won, there would have been no visible difference.