Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FSP Rep. Against Big Gummint Until she Supports It

State Rep. Emily Sandblade is a Republican from Manchester. She's also a member of the Free State Project, the group of libertarians attempting to colonize our state, and dismantle our state government. Sandblade and the freedumb and libertea crowd rail against big gummint. 

Rep. Sandblade was opposed to the bill requiring background checks for firearms purchases. She is, however sponsoring HB 1328 , a bill to require health care navigators to undergo criminal background checks – and additionally, to be fingerprinted. NH General Court: “Applicants for a health insurance exchange navigator’s license shall submit directly to the department of safety a notarized criminal history records release form, as provided by the New Hampshire division of state police, which authorizes the release of the person’s criminal records, if any, to the department. The person shall submit with the release form a complete set of fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement agency or an authorized employee of the department of safety.” [HB 1328]

It seems Rep. Sandblade's distaste for big gummint is selective, at best. 

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MRMacrum said...

Perfect example of the disconnected logic now found in the agenda pushed by the Right. As you put it,
it seems Rep. Sandblade's distaste for big gummint is selective, at best.

In my mind, criminal background checks, drug testing, and other presumed guilty type government intervention is a tell tale sign a government has gotten bigger than we should be comfortable with. But somehow, the Right is able to convince itself they are against big government by not wanting any control of guns or big business. At least the Left is honest about their vision of government.

Both the Right and the Left are for big government. They are just for different types of big government. Pick your poison.