Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spinning Kenney's Fundraising Fail

We last saw Joe Kenney when he was the GOP sacrificial lamb  ran for governor in 2008. He's trying another comeback, running for Ray Burton's Executive Council seat in the ridiculously sized District One. Ray's family has endorsed Mike Cryans, the Democrat in the race. Joe's been endorsed by a cross section of the far right fringe. In Carroll County that means well known racist Ray Shakir, birther Laurie Pettengill, Bircher Norm Tregenza, and bellicose bigot Frank McCarthy.

Some of the other fringe support he has comes from the libertea crowd:  Rep. Leon Rideout, Free Stater Rep. Michael Sylvia, and Rep. Jane Cormier, who wrote a marvelous spin on Joe Kenney's inability to fundraise, posted over at the home of libertea fratboys

Joe Kenney is running a grassroots campaign in his election against Michael Cryans in the District 1 Executive Council seat. In yesterday’s Laconia Daily Sun, there was an article regarding Cryans receiving a “2 to 1 advantage in funds raised”. For those who have been watching the political left’s ability to ‘raise funds’, it is not surprising that Cryans is 2- 1 ahead.


I actually like the fact that Joe Kenney is willing to take $40,000 out of his own pocket to SERVE NH. It proves Joe has no problem putting his money where his mouth is. Those of us who know Joe, know he is a man of honor. Whether it was as a Colonel in the US Marine Corp or a legislator with a 14 year conservative voting record, voters understand there is a real and substantive difference between the politically backed progressive that is Michael Cryans, and the humble public servant that is Joe Kenney.

There ya go - it's not that career politician Joe Kenney can't raise money. This isn't a self-funded vanity campaign - it's the grassroots campaign of a humble public servant. 

Apparently we aren't supposed to wonder WHY a humble public servant with  14 year record is having such difficulty raising money. 

Joe didn't mind taking money from special interest groups in 2008.

Any mention made of Joe being a career politician is scrupulously scrubbed from his candidate page.


Brian Loudermilch said...

"Those who Fail to remember the Past are doomed to Repeat It".

The 14 Years of Kenney's political history are NOT going to be Forgotten.

It's the same Old, Rancid, Bitter Snake Oil.

The ONLY thing that has changed is the Label.

Anonymous said...

"...that there should be a line drawn where the taxpayer is responsible to educate certain people" (meaning children with disabilities) -Ray Shakir, Conway. Comments at a Deliberative session for the Conway School District.
Does Joe Kenney support the views of his eugenics believing racist. If no he should clear the air on the matter. One is often judged by the company they keep.

Steven J. Connolly said...

As if Mike Cryans hasn't sung in the choir or corruption himself.

Salary at Headrest paid by Grafton Cty. taxpayers, refusal to recuse on conflicts of interest and that wonderful, overbuilt jail that sits on the banks of the Conn River.

Had it occurred to you Susan The Bruce that you've made a bad call here.

"It's easier to get into something than get out of it."-Donald Rumsfeld.

susanthe said...

Steven J. Connolly - congratulations! You may not be able to write in an especially literate manner, and your punctuation "skills" appear nonexistent, BUT, you did manage to avoid sharing your worship of Nazis with us this time.

Steven J. Connolly said...

Thanks for the lesson in literacy.

Those that can't teach.

susanthe said...

Given that you fancy yourself a "writer," Steven, I'm just trying to be helpful. The standards aren't very high at the sad little sewer where you publish, and it's unlikely that you have much of a fan base, but still, one should make an effort.

Nice of you to troll by.