Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NH Man Wants to Start Shooting

The gun fondlers gathered to comfort one another Tuesday night, fearful of the upcoming vote on background checks. They fear background checks - and for good reason. Some of them would never pass one. From their FB page:

Note the comment from Dover resident Sheridan Folger. He thinks that he and his pals should start shooting at those folks who dare disagree with them. 

What you don't see are any of his pals telling him that that kind of violent rhetoric isn't acceptable. And why should they? There are no consequences - the mainstream NH media ignores their increasingly violent rhetoric. 

And as you can see in part 2, one of Folger's friends is State Representative Leon Rideout, from Lancaster. Rep. Rideout didn't caution Folger of the perils of that kind of talk. 

Qui tacet consentit. 


samiinh said...

That nutjob Kimberly Morin sure makes ignorance her strong point. She'd be the one to shout "Fire" in a crowded theater; but that's what you can expected from a loudmouth fascist swine.

Anonymous said...

Here is a continued clear example that it is not the enemy without we must fear, but the enemy within. These wack jobs sound like terrorists to me. Why isn't Homeland Security et al looking into them? As for the pathetic press, no more need be said. They are the problem and ignoring being any part of a solution. Freedom of the Press? What a joke. They'd be welcomed in China.