Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gun Nuts Harassing NH Legislators

Tomorrow HB 1589, the bill to institute background checks on most gun sales in NH will be voted on by the NH House. The opposition to this bill is fierce. Doing background checks is akin to "takin' our gunz away" or "starting a gun registry" to the nutter crowd. 

They've made it their mission to call all 400 Representatives, but they've singled out the Democrats for special levels of harassment. Reps are getting calls and emails, and in some cases Reps are getting   rants and threats. 

Because threatening someone is the way to win them over to your side. 

It's my guess that a lot of the nutters who call aren't from NH and don't have the faintest idea of how our legislative system works. If you read some of the emails going around, it's obvious. 

The bill was assigned (mistakenly, in my opinion) to Commerce, where Chair Ed Butler has been singled out for special attention from the nutter crowd, as you can see with a visit to this forum:

The committee wants to "study" taking away our rights:

I have also found out some other "interesting news" Rep. Butler owns an inn Harts location. 

So when you call his published number you get..
The front desk :)

The front desk tells you to call his cell phone...

"Rep. Edward Butler, (603)666-6666 (this is the Inn he lives at...) please call 603-666-6666 (cell)" was what members were being told today. Keep calling the inn. If he is rich enough to own a inn, he can afford to pay the staff to take notes for him...

Please keep up the calls, please ask them politely to take a message and ask them to have Rep. Butler call you back. Emails also work and so does calling Rep. Butlers cell phone. 
The Committee chair is accountable to the entire state and needs to hear from the entire state.


Yeah, keep on calling the guy and disrupting his business. Because a guy who owns an inn in northern NH and relies on tourism must be fabulously wealthy.

Ed Butler is one of 400 state representatives who serves in the state legislature for $100 a year. The harassment and bullying is one of the perks. 

I'm betting our buddy "Design" couldn't find Hart's Location on a map if we held one of his own guns to his head. 

This blog so upset the gun crowd that they're discussing how they ought to be shooting people on one of their Facebook pages - a page that thanks to Miscellany Blue has been edited rather strenously. 

The libertea crowd doesn't like scrutiny. 


Anonymous said...

Wrong - NH citizens are behind this, silly, sniveling Liberal.

susanthe said...

Yes, one can see how brave you are! It must be by accident that you forgot to leave your name.

Adam Samuels said...

Sadly, "Susan the Bruce", a leftist, statist type who, in the comfy of her sanctimonious little blogger's chair, lacks a fundamental grasp of why the NH and the US Constitutions have a Second Amendment, advocating for the same, burgeoning tyranny her namesake fought against. Based on the number of comments, it appears nobody's listening to her.

susanthe said...

Hmm. Sadly, Adam Samuels, a right wing nutcase with poor reading comprehension skills has decided that because I wrote a post about gun nuts harassing state legislators that I'm unfamiliar with the Second Amendment.

Also, he seems to think that my ancestor King Robert fought in the Revolutionary War.


Brian Loudermilch said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the
"Moar Gunz" crowd forgets that you
don't have "Rights" without "Responsibilities".

A Complete and Thorough background check for ALL gun purchases is perfectly reasonable.

If you have Nothing to HIDE, then
you have NO reason to Object.

MRMacrum said...

I do not care about the gun issue. Own them, don't own them. No law is going to control them. That horse left the barn years and years ago. All the hoopla on both sides is nothing but a distraction from issues more important.

That said, contrary to Anonymous, I do object to outside national organizations sticking their noses into what are local issues.

And since I live next door in Maine, the real live free state, I'll shut up now.

Adam Samuels said...

DIF - Down In Flames. A win for people who value private property and the Second Amendment. @Brian - "Shall Not Infringe" mean anything to you? No, didn't think so ("moar tyrannyz" does, I bet).
Susan - Try again next year. Well, I'm going out to sell "moar gunz" to strangers on the street (but not Liberals).

Nice try on your Alinsky history insult..

Wow, you got 5 comments on this huge story.

Adam Samuels said...

MRMacrum - I think anonymous meant that NH Citizens were behind the fight to stop HB1589, contrary to what STB said. There were, in fact, Bloomberg and Newtown, CT groups involved in pushing FOR it. This awful bill did not originate in NH...now, back to selling those gunz.

susanthe said...

Let's see some proof of your assertions, Adam Samuels. (This is where he disappears and never comes back.)

Prove to us that Bloomberg wrote the bill.

susanthe said...

You keep complaining that I'm an unimportant blogger - yet you keep coming back to whimper, Adam Samuels.

Those who shriek the loudest about background checks wouldn't be able to pass one.