Friday, February 14, 2014

Who Sabotaged Joe Kenney's FB Page?

Joe Kenney is running for the District One Executive Council seat that belonged to beloved north country icon Ray Burton.  Like anyone running for office in 2014,  Joe has a candidate Facebook page.

Things went awry at Joe's FB page the other night, and as luck would have it, I got a screenshot. Was Joe's page hacked? Did someone prank him while he wasn't looking?  Does he have a high fever that is causing him to hallucinate? Someone logged in as Joe Kenney and gave some rather ill-tempered (and badly punctuated) replies: 

Despite the protestations of supporters, Joe is a career politician. He's far too slick to answer Erik Corbett (a business owner who lives in District 1) so rudely. That does leave one wondering - who would? 

The questionable responses have since been removed, with no explanation. 

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Timothy Horrigan said...

I see a brief comment from Rep. Leon Rideout which is very similar in tone and irreguality of punctuation to the comments attributed to the Kenney campaign.