Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carla Gericke Must Resign At Once!

The Free Stater front group No More Bearcats had a press conference yesterday. About 6 people were there.  Here's a video of the speakers, including Pamela Ean, who says she's a former police officer. State Senator Andy Sanborn, who very patronizingly said, "Our boys and girls in blue do a great job." Boys and girls? They aren't five year olds. Why the need for the diminutive terms here, Andy? And the BearCat is not an armed military weapon. There are no weapons on the inside or the outside. It is ARMORED, not ARMED. 

Next up was Brian Blackden, who claims he, too,  was a police officer. There seems to be some question as to whether that's true. One thing is true, Blackden has been arrested on a number of occasions for impersonating  EMTs or law enforcement. The last speaker was State Rep. George Lambert, who wants to put the goober in goobernatorial. He isn't from Concord, but he wants to get his face in front of any camera that is attached to freedumb and libertea. He's a real gifted speaker. He actually went to actual police training about actually tasing people. Ooh, George Lambert, IS COMING FOR THAT TANK. I'm sure that the folks of Concord appreciate his interference in their local control. 

 Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project spoke the longest. One might think that after the reviews of Carla's last speaking engagement (at the Concord City Council) that she'd try to tone it down. One would be wrong. Once she got warmed up, Carla reached her usual operatic vocal heights.  At one point, only dogs could hear her. Some of my favorite moments from her speech:

"We chose to come here!" Clearly, the FSP was doing NH a big favor by choosing NH as the state that the FSP  wanted to invade, colonize, dismantle the state government of, and then enable it to secede from the union. "We chose to come here to this peaceful wonderful place!" A wonderful place that you want to turn into some neofeudal Randian paradise. Don't do us any favors, okay? Feel free to make the choice to leave. 

"You cannot say to us just because we have ideas that are slightly different to yours that we are domestic terrorists." That's true. But, you have proven to be a group that has no respect for the laws, courts, law enforcement, or educational systems in our state. You are all armed, and claim to adhere to a nonaggression policy, yet every time you open your mouth, Carla, what comes out is aggression. And the same is true for many others in your cult. If you want to be thought of as peaceful and non-threatening, lay down your arms. 

As I've said before, Free Staters don't ever do anything for anyone outside of the FSP unless there's a camera rolling. Carla felt compelled to point out TWICE that she volunteers at the Concord Library in a child reading program. She gave the usual rant about THEY LIED ABOUT US in their FRAUDULENT LYING DOCUMENT and THEY SHOULD ALL RESIGN AND FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! PERJURY! 

Then she looked out at the group of 6 and said, "We have a lot of reporters here." 

That was a lie, Carla. There were not a lot of reporters there. You talk about accountability and responsibility and demand that others resign for telling lies, so - if we hold you to your own standards, than you, too should be held accountable. 


Anonymous said...

Apparently there were enough reporters there to get national coverage of the story, as well as the front page of NH's largest newspaper.

Methinks you're just jealous because you don't know how to get media attention for...what is it you do again? Because I haven't seen you out there against the BEARCAT, although I do see you rabidly hating on all things even semi-related to Free Staters.

I think it's really petty and incredibly funny that you can't give credit where credit is due - the Free Staters are doing great work on this issue.

susanthe said...

If that's the case, Anonny- Mouse (my little twitter buddy - too cowardly to claim her identity) perhaps you can give me a complete list of all the national reporters who were there, followed by a list of all the regional and state/local. Given your boasting, it must be quite a long list. Tell me - where were they hiding? Surely all of those people would have been visible in the video footage, but there only appeared to be about 10 people, including the protestors.

Oh, and do keep up, dear. Carla says this new group doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the FSP. Get your story straight.

Kate said...

Well, I'm not all hot about our local police forces having armoured vehicles or armed vehicles, but then again, I'm just not to excited about firearms or weapons that promulgate aggression on any level.

But I couldn't show up at the protest because I was busy -- doing what every FSPers says us Commie Progressive Libruls hate to do -- working -- at a place where overtime hours are not required by law.

So I'm actually more close to living the FSP dream of little or no regulation than many Free Staters. In fact if I had to live on the money I made, I'd probably have to have some serious self-sufficiency skillz to boil my own water from the local stream and learn to make bug repellent out of tree sap or something and how to build my own housing from a discarded box.

But I digress.

The fact is that although many don't like what the Bearcat symoblizes (increased police aggression and militarization), most people see it a little ironic that an aggressively pro-gun organization bleat on and on about the pro-Big Gun direction of law enforcement these days.

So, whatever the anti-bearcat thing is about with the Free Staters it more than likely has nothing to do with guns, militarization or increased aggression nationally, it just has to do with making sure that the ones who have the power to be aggressive with dangerous weapons have no possible public accountability or oversight.

I kind of see that as more of a problem.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's the Union Leader. And NHPR. And the Concord Monitor - I'm sure you've seen those. And since you're quite the writer (although you must not be too good at it, if you can't afford a subscription to the newspaper), you must know that journalists regularly write for other outlets. Prehaps there were some twofers (or threefers) in the audience? Apparently you were there too, so maybe I should add your little blog to the list of media coverage.

Since your Google must be broken, here it is in San Fran, Seattle and Boston -




To recap, Concord BEARCAT efforts have also been covered by the Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Reason, Opposing Views, The Blaze and more - the YouTube video of the Colonel talking police militarization at the hearing has well over a half million views at this point. And rumor has it there's more press lined up for the hearing ;)

Like the FSP or hate them, they're getting good coverage on this issue and I don't know what there is to hate about that. The NOBEARCATS group is not at all funded by the FSP as an organization, but there are several FSPers working on it. It's an effort funded by individuals, of which I've put some of my own money in. So far, there's none of that Koch money you like to say floats around FSPers - but I'll keep you apprised of the situation. Whether you care to admit it or not, the FSP takes no stance on any issues - individuals are free to do whatever activism they want once they get here, and NOMOREBEARCATS.com was somebody's idea of activism...and I think it's a good one. You probably do too, you're just pissed it was created by a Free Stater instead of someone on your side.

So again, I ask you - what have you done, besides bitch and moan about Free Staters? Don't you think this blog space would be better served discussing issues that are more important than how loudly Carla speaks at press events?

You're coming across as petty, mean and bitter. I hope you get the help you need.

susanthe said...

Actually, Karidee (too cowardly to use your real name) it's you who is missing the point.

Carla said "there are a lot of reporters here." You've listed 3. In my world, THREE does not equal A LOT. If there are 3 apples on a tree, do you say, "Oh, what a lot of apples?" If you have $3 in your pocket do you tell your freedumb loving buddies you have a LOT of money?

The idea that the UL reporter might be working for HuffPo, too, is very, very funny. One can easily understand why you'd try to get snarkily pedantic with me, given your superior grasp of how NH (and all) media works.

The rest of your commentary is just distractionary drivel. There were not a lot of reporters there. (There were not a lot of people there! ) Carla lied, and should - based on the standards she sets for others- step down as FSP president at once!

Anonymous said...

It depends on what you consider "a lot" - there were at least five, which is more than the three who RSVPed. I think it's best to put it into context - 3 apples on a tree is not a lot, but five reporters who had less than 24 hours notice I think is a win. The coverage is what matters, anyway, and that goal was met. When's the last time you had that many reporters interested in what you had to say?

I'm not sure what's "distractionary drivel" - is it the fact that that the FSP isn't funding the NoMoreBEARCATS.com website? Or that a lot of ongoing press is being received as a result of the effort FSPers - as individuals who care about their community - are putting into this issue? Or is it that most of the articles (and the comments on these articles) is very anti-BEARCAT and pro what the FSPers are doing? Again, I think you're just jealous that whatever you do isn't worthy of attention - no matter how much you stomp your feet and cry in these blog posts.

Also, I didn't infer that the HuffPo writer also wrote for the UL (that's really easy to check, based on the bylines - and the HuffPo piece went live way before the press conference). I was referring to the three links I supplied, which were all picked up via the Concord Monitor's article. But nice try at some snark, too bad it missed the mark. Once again, you prove that you don't know what you're talking about.

-1 internet point for not using the word "bleat" in any of your comments, by the way. And since you already know how I am, I'm hardly anonymous. You'll have to excuse me for not wanting my name associated with your crazy, ill-informed rants.

susanthe said...

There were not five reporters there. There were barely 10 people there, total. What a lot of support you had!

The distractionary drivel is you trying to make this be about me, little anonymouse Karidee. I criticize the FSP, therefore I must be jealous. Because only mean, bitter, jealous people would DARE criticize the FSP.

The FSP is an organization full of media whores, desperate for attention. Carla couldn't get through 10 minutes of speaking (howling, shouting, screaming and grimacing) without patting herself on the back TWICE for volunteering at the Concord library. Because you all function on this level of constant attention whoring, you make the assumption that the rest of us do too.

You're wrong.

susanthe said...

Dear Free State Dude who took over pretending to be "Karidee":

Calling me names isn't going to get you published. Attempts at manipulation and bullying aren't going to either. You don't seem to understand that you don't get to tell me what to write.

Also, guy pretending to be Karidee - if you want that much space on my blog, you're going to have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what your latest comment is in reference to, but I did just write a response to you. I didn't call you any names, though...and to be clear, I really don't have anything against you. You're just ill-informed.

Should I take it as a compliment people are impersonating me online? Or did you just delete my response, because you didn't like what I had to say? I've been told that you do that sometimes. If that's the case, I'll won't comment here in the future.

Just so you know it was really me who wrote the last comment, at the end I offered to take you out to coffee and buy you a latte. But I'd also spring for a mocha or chai, if that's what you'd prefer.

Peace, love and BEARCAT-free happiness,

The REAL @KarileeD

susanthe said...

Dear Free State claiming to be Karideer: It's amusing that you called me bitter, mean, and jealous and then insist you weren't name calling. It's amusing that you insist I'm ill informed, just because I criticize the FSP.

What is most amusing is that you Free Staters whine because I moderate my blog.Mean old susanthe doesn't publish all our nasty posts full of name calling, verbal aggression, threats, demands, and insults. She hates FREEDUMB! She's ascairt of us!

It's my blog. And here in the free market you people claim to admire so, I get to do business the way I choose to. So, no - if I don't like your post, or anyone else's, I won't put it up. Big, long winded, posts all about how wonderful the FSP is and what an idiot I am aren't going to get posted here. As stated before, if you want that much airtime, you can pay for it.

susanthe said...

Y'know Karidee/Seth or whomever you are, the third grade debate skills get SO tiresome. "You can't refute me so you won't put up my post."

Neener neener neener. Yawn.

Yeah, obviously you've wounded me greatly. I'm all sad and weepy that you called me mean and bitter. You know, bablydoll, pointing out the insults doesn't mean I'm sensitive to them. It just means I read them, and I choose not to give you free airspace for them. I don't expect you to be able to understand that. In fact, being called names by your little band of miscreants is like being called ugly by a toad. Oh, and you're going to bleat about me on Twitter! How will I ever leave my house again, knowing I've incurred your wrath?

But, I've wounded YOU so grievously that you aren't coming back to my blog?? OH HOW WILL I GO ON! Oh, I feel so bad. So guilty. I must now find my pink flouncy sobbing pillow. But before I go:

It only took a dozen posts to upset you into leaving my blog. What would I have to write to get the whole lot of you to move back from whence you came?

Notes for Robots said...

Carla did not commit fraud. Fraud is more than just lying. It's the purpose of the lie. The number of reporters there where "a lot" is highly subjective is can, maybe, be classified as hyperbolic.

"fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; ... Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud."


However, fraud most certainly applies to Police Chief John Duval and that grant application.

susanthe said...

Thanks Roboboy! Allow me to translate that for those not conversant in Freedumbspeak:

"It's okay when we do it."

Tony said...

Hey Susan,
Thanks, as always, for your interesting blog posts.
For clarification purposes, I saw six media personnel in attendance at this press conference: Concord NH Patch (me), a Concord Monitor reporter and photographer, an NHPR reporter, and a Union Leader reporter and photographer. There may have been more but I didn't recognize them. For a “local” story and press conference, that is a pretty good turnout.
There were at least another 8-10 people there by my estimation although people were coming and going over the course of 30-plus minutes, so maybe more than that.
At this point in Concord, Patch and the Monitor are the city’s main news outlets that would actually come to a press conference of this nature (we were both there). Irregularly, the UL, NHPR, WKXL, and WMUR-TV will also cover Concord press conferences. Two of those four outlets were there. Is four out of six that could potentially be there "a lot"? That's anyone's presumption. Yes, for statewide news or political press conferences in Concord, more news outlets show up. But this was really a local issue, not a political or crime press conference. Keep writing! :-) Best, Tony

Tony Schinella
Concord NH Patch

susanthe said...

Tony - thank you for your perspective, as always.

It does sadden me that you are doing FSP bidding by wading into this particular fray days later after the last emissary failed.

The FSP assigned KarileeD to follow me on Twitter and attempt to engage me, but she was not at all up for the task, as her dialogue here shows. She delighted in telling me I'm nobody and what I say is unimportant - then writes a 706 word treatise for my blog.

The Free Staters have absolutely no sense of humor, and aren't able to tell when they are being mocked. This was MOCKERY.

It is really, REALLY unfortunate to have to explain that Carla makes imperious demands about people who MUST resign...so I turned that on her because her big press event had so few people at it. And because the FSP is filled with people who are so deeply egotistical and thin skinned, they didn't get it. No one is allowed to criticize the FREE STATE PROJECT!

There was so much to mock. After all, Carla's an anarchist - trying to tell us how gubmint works? She deserves to be mocked. The FSP hates public education, so Carla stands in front of someone with a sign that reads "Textbooks not Bearcats" - again, totally mockworthy.

As for me - I hope they keep Carla as their president forever. She is the perfect spokesperson for the organization.