Friday, August 23, 2013

Testerman's Genteel "Requests"

A potential new candidate is testing the waters for a run against Senator Jeanne Shaheen next year. Karen Testerman, the founder of Cornerstone Policy Research -  a purveyor of far right fringe Christian values, once quoted as saying teenagers shouldn't be allowed to hold hands because it "leads to other things," is testing the waters for a Senate race. 

She announced today that if she got 5000 "requests" she would run for Senate. Naturally I stopped by her website to request that she run, since a debate with her in it would be the best thing since the invention of fleece socks. 

I found out that "request" doesn't mean what I thought it did. I thought request meant asking for something. And in this case it does. It means she's asking for 5000 DONATIONS. One can't merely sign up in support of her candidacy and say, "Go Karen!" One must first cough up some cash. 

Apparently just coming out and saying, "If I get 5000 donations, I'l run for office" was just a little too crass for Mrs. Testerman. Couching it as a "request" is so much more genteel. 

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Anonymous said...

The past twenty years I've been terribly disappointed in my own sex - the female. I've come to see that they are just as clawing, stupid, ego driven and without IQ and EQ as much as their male Rethug counterparts. This woman is a case in point. Some others that come to mind are Palin, Ayotte, Nancy Reagan aw shucks the list is endless.