Sunday, August 04, 2013

NH Gun Nuts Attempt to Dictate NJ Gun Policy

Remember what happened in Concord when Mayors Agains Gun Violence came to NH to make a case for background checks?

The gun nuts of NH were mighty miffed that anyone would dare come to NH and tell THEM what to do. The very idea of it created a near riot.

A screaming mob of angry gun nuts took over a peaceful vigil being held by unarmed people. They were bellowing anti-Semitic slurs about NY Mayor Bloomberg. The mere presence of a BUS, so inflamed these allegedly responsible gun owners that they attacked unarmed middle aged and elderly people.

This was a bus. Only a bus. Anyone who can be this threatened by a bus shouldn't be allowed to possess weaponry.
The people we see here are just  dimwitted thugs and bullies who  were ginned up by their leaders. Their  leaders who slipped away before things got ugly.

Can Mayor Bloomberg write NH law? Of course not. But the very idea that someone from the OUTSIDE dare even try  o speak of gun issues in NH was horrifying to the NH gun nut tribe.

Apparently that outrage of outsiders telling a state what to do only travels one way in New Hampshire.

Today in Reuters:

A gun-rights group in the bellwether presidential primary state of New Hampshire has warned New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that signing gun control bills passed by his state's Legislature could have consequences if he runs for president in 2016.
The Pro-Gun New Hampshire coalition urged its members this week to call and email Christie to ask him to veto the proposed laws, posing a political dilemma for Christie as he seeks re-election in November in the Democratic-leaning state while also eyeing the national stage.

In June these same people were so angry at the thought that anyone from outside dare even have an opinion about NH gun laws, they staged a near riot. 
Now, less than 2 months later, these same folks are telling the Governor of New Jersey what to do in HIS state. 


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