Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updates from Post-Racial Murka

AP/Lewiston Sun photo

In Sabattus, ME a selectmen is finding himself in some (deservedly) hot water:

A Sabattus town official is under federal investigation and facing fierce criticism after he posted a message on Facebook calling for President Obama to be shot and referring to him with a racial slur.
The message said, "Shoot the ..." and included a racial slur.David Marsters, 68, who is running for selectman, says he told Secret Service agents who questioned him Tuesday that he was not threatening the president when he posted the message at 8:17 p.m. Friday. It appeared above a picture of Obama and a link to a story about how some Republican lawmakers think the president deserves to be impeached.
"I think it's a lot of hogwash," Marsters said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "I did not threaten the president. ... I might have used the wrong words. ... I didn't say I was going to do it."
He said his post was taken out of context.
"What I really meant to say is, 'When are we going to get rid of this (expletive),'" he said. "I should have said, 'I hope the bastard dies.'

Can someone explain to me how a thing can be taken out of context when it's what you said?
Marsters is having a big year. He was big news back in March:
SABATTUS, Maine — Retiree David Marsters says there ought to be a law which mandates every Sabattus head of household to own a gun.
He’s not joking.
If each Sabattus home had a gun, “it would provide and protect safety of the city,” Marsters said.

Okay, but:
According to Marsters, felons, those with a history of mental illness and those whose religion would prohibit gun use would be exempt. He acknowledged “there’s not that much crime rate in Sabattus,” but if word spread that every home had guns, robbers would stay away out of town.
Marsters, 68, is a retired police officer from Malden, Mass. He’s a father, a grandfather, and is involved in his local politics, serving on several committees.

Indeed, what a cunning plan. Because EVERYONE knows that robbers never steal guns. 

I'm just surprised that a racist gun nut from Massachusetts moved to Maine, instead of moving to NH to run for the state legislature. 


Anonymous said...

"Taken out of context." HA HA HA! Righties are NEVER EVER WRONG. I bet his living room smelled like poop after that special encounter with the Secret Service.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I never fail to be absolutely amazed at how nasty and STUPID white people are. I speak with authority on this because I'm white. I shudder to think of the abuse everyone got at the hands of this idiot when he was cop. When I did the Fryeburg flea market a couple of years ago, the comments that flew my way because I had Obama collectibles on sale was stunning. Death threats to him and the most horrendous vile remarks made me ashamed of our (white and privileged) species. I'll bet this guy is pro-life too. Pro-life if the glob is still in the womb but once born the kid is screwed for all time. No fetus left behind translates into NOTHING for kids birth to death. Nah, once born it's a free for all. I'll bet his philosophy is just to shoot 'em!!
Perhaps Mr. un-Ma(r)sters of his own domain has a penis obsession. The gun passion is very phallic in symbolism.