Monday, August 26, 2013

Front Group for the Free State Project

Since the Concord City Council Meeting on August 13, when the Free Staters gave full voice to their victimhood, they've been mighty quiet. Perhaps even they, as tone deaf as they are, finally understood that all of their thin skinned self pity was beginning to wear.... thin. 

Maybe the fine cartoons done by Mike Marland at the Concord Monitor (August 19, and again on August 21) had something to do with it. I'd link to them, but I can't. I've already gone through my freebies at the Monitor, and I can't afford a subscription. "Live Free and Overreact to Everything" was a thing of beauty. 

But that silence is misleading. The FSP has just created a front group, intended to be untainted by their name. The group that has claimed "we're all Free Staters now" seems to be coming to terms with the fact that they are about as welcome as herpes. 

The front group is called No More Bearcats . There's a petition for Concord residents to sign. Apparently the FSP learned that having a lot of out of towners testify to their victimhood at the Concord hearing wasn't the best strategy. 

The group doesn't identify who they are. An ordinary group of local concerned citizens would make a point of identifying well known opinion leaders in the group as a means of attracting others. This group does not. What it does do is link to 4 videos from the night of the August 13 hearing. All four videos have one very important thing in common. All were produced by a Free Stater named "Biker Bill." 

The site is very carefully designed to avoid any taint of Free Staterdom - but they blew it with the videos. And they blew it by having it be over designed and sanitized. 

The City Council will be voting on Sept. 9. 

For more about the poor victims of the Free State Project and the mean Concord PD:

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Anonymous said...

I heard the "owner of a bar" on NHPR this a.m. attempting to sound reasonable and moderate. It may be far too late however. These individuals are what many would consider to be potential home grown terrors, all just itching to get into a gun fight. I don't approve of our tax dollars being so loosely thrown about on toys such as Bearcats, but the ONLY reason the FSP doesn't want one is because they may come up against it in the future. The Bearcat is already obsolete which is why the Feds want to get rid of them. As it turns out, individuals in our nation are no different from the those of color that are so hated elsewhere and whom we love branding "terrorists".