Monday, August 19, 2013

Ohio GOP - Desperately Seeking Janet

Stephen Luntz was a little puzzled by the Ohio GOP's recent emails trying to establish a relationship with him. 

Especially since they kept calling him Janet.  Well, and then there's the slight issue of his being from Australia. Read the whole fabulous takedown right here.
 If your approach to generating a database is to randomly select email addresses from the Internet and then call them all Janet it does not surprise me that Obama so convincingly beat you at the last two presidential elections, despite Karl Rove’s refusal to accept the outcome – something he has no doubt had great practice in with his denial of clearly established science over a period of many years.

Bless you Stephen Luntz  (and you, too, Simon) for starting off my morning with a laugh.  

I've corrected an error, thanks to the fabulous Simon Roberts  - Mr. Luntz is from Australia, not New Zealand.  

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