Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bugs, Drugs, or Boogers

Sad news, friends. Tyranny scored a victory today in the NH House. HB 1378  was voted inexpedient to legislate. Representative George Lambert tried to free us from the awful tyranny of sanitation created by the use of sugar packets on tables in restaurants, but his efforts were for naught. 

Lambert wanted us to be able to return to the days of  sugar shaker dispensers, and communal sugar bowls. 

Why wouldn't we want to return to these? Kids could pick their noses and then stick their fingers in the hole where the sugar comes out. Anyone could unscrew that top and put drugs or other nastiness  into the dispenser, and of course there are the ants that could crawl in. 

Bugs, drugs or boogers? Who wouldn't want to have that kind of liberty? In a free market we'd have that choice - but not now, because a bunch of nanny statists decided sanitation was a good idea, and wrote an RSA about it. We should all have the freedom to be poisoned by others. What is a poor libertarian like Rep. Lambert to do? When it came down to a vote, ole Atlas gave a big, big shrug. 

h/t to Maureen Westrick for the heading


Lee Enigma said...

if Rep.Lambert really, really wants his sugar shaker, he can buy one for his home. personally, i like knowing what i'm putting in my coffee...

Brian Loudermilch said...

I'm SO Damned glad that the Great
"Sugar dispenser Issue" has been resolved.

God only knows how many sleepless nights New Hampshire residents have SUFFERED worrying about the outcome of SUCH a momentous Issue.

I wonder WHEN the State will figure out HOW to repair the 300+
"Structure Deficient" Bridges in New Hampshire.

Steven J. Connolly said...

Innovation Gov. Hassan is struggling to meet a 47% approval rating even with a +/- %5 margin of error.
So what does this mean? It means that the proletariat in this state is quickly becoming aware of what a sham this governor and most of the Democrat party is all about.
And no amount of spin, lies and diversions like sugar shakers is going to change the reality of what is going to happen come November.

susanthe said...

As always, thank you for not attempting to leave a quote from one of the Nazis you admire so much, Steven J. Connolly.

Perhaps one day you'll surprise me by managing a relevant comment. Governor Hassan didn't write the sugar packet bill. She didn't sponsor it. She had absolutely nothing to do with this waste of taxpayer dollars. Hassan did not create the contempt that Rep. Lambert appears to have for his colleagues, given his willingness to waste their time.

How quaint that out of pure partisan hackery you've chosen to tacitly condone this waste of time and money. Achtung, baby.

Steven J. Connolly said...


Gov. Hassan is running this state right into the rocks and you're reporting on sugar shakers and quoting lines about tyranny from Thomas Jefferson.

Relevance indeed.

Good grief.

susanthe said...

Thank you again, Steven J. Connolly for not quoting the Nazis whom you admire so much.

It makes me so very sad that you aren't able to comprehend what you read. Is there a Mrs. White Supremacist who could read things to you, so that you'd know what the topic actually IS?

One of your conservative companeros is responsible for the sugar packet bill. Clearly you're unwilling to stay on topic because you're a dull-witted, knee jerk partisan.

Remember, Sparky - you only post if I allow you to.