Monday, March 10, 2014

More Republicans Have Endorsed Mike Cryans

The NH Executive Council Chamber at the NH State House. The special election to replace the late Ray Burton as the NH District 1 Executive Councilor is March 11, 2014. This is an important election for everyone in this district - be sure to get out and vote - and drag along your friends and family. VOTE!! 

From Joe Kenney's website: 

These are Republicans who have endorsed him:


  1. Chris Ahlgren   Carroll
  2. David Bickford   Strafford New Durham
  3. Glenn Cordelli   Carroll   Tuftonboro
  4. Jane Cormier     Belknap                Alton
  5. Ralph Doolan     Grafton                Littleton
  6. CharlesFink        Belknap                Belmont
  7. Robert Greemore Belknap Meredith
  8. Harry Merrow Carroll Ctr Ossipee
  9. Bill Nelson Carroll Brookfield
  10. Leon Rideout     Coos Lancaster
  11. Skip Rollins          Sullivan Newport
  12. Stephen Schmidt Carroll               Wolfeboro
  13. Michael                Sylvia    Belknap Belmont
  14. ColetteWorsman Belknap Meredith
  15. Also Have Sen. Sam Cataldo from earlier (not counting him as house member)
  16. Plymouth State University Republicans

If any Democrats are endorsing Joe, they aren't listed on his website. 

From Mike Cryans' website:

Republicans for Cryans
Congressman William Zeliff, Jr.

Herb & Fay Lloyd, Bethlehem
Lisa Capaldo, Canaan
Mark Hounsell, Conway; former Republican State Senator
Mary Grimes, Columbia; Ray Burton’s sister
Richard A. Crate Jr., Enfield; Police Chief
Lynn Presby, Freedom; retired New Hampshire State Police Colonel, current Racing and Gaming Commissioner
Lynne Whitacre, Hanover
Ray Labombard, Hanover
John Manchester, Hanover
Ray Abbott, Jackson; former Republican Carroll County Commissioner
Richard Coggon, Laconia
Ralph Hough, Lebanon; former Republican State Senate President of NH 1993-1994
Joel Bedor, Littleton
Dick Hamilton, Littleton
Winston Merrill, Littleton
Wayne Presby, Littleton
David M. Miller, Littleton
Hillary Seeger, Meredith; Republican candidate for Select Board
Gerald Coogan, New London
Bonnie Ham, North Woodstock; former Republican State Representative
David Babson, Ossipee; Republican Carroll County Commissioner
Steve Panagoulis, Plymouth ; former Republican Grafton County Commissioner
Ken Randell, Tilton; former Republican State Representative
Marjorie M Webster, Wolfeboro; former Republican Carroll County Commissioner 
David Sorensen, Eaton; Republican Carroll County Commissioner

Mike has also been endorsed by Ray Burton's family.

It sure looks as if more Republicans have endorsed Mike Cryans than have come out in support of the Republican candidate in the race. 

Sharp-eyed readers will note that two of the three Carroll County Commissioners have endorsed Mike. What about the third Carroll County Commissioner?

We can safely assume she's endorsed Joe Kenney, seein' as how she's married to him. 

Here's Mrs. Kenney in action at a Carroll County Commissioners meeting:


Marjorie Porter said...

That;s quite a "Stella" list of R's supporting Kenney!

Anonymous said...

OMG Asha Kenney is the worst. In my opinion, the epitome of unprofessionalism. The Kenney curse it appears.

Steven J. Connolly said...

It looks as if all those 'endorsements' had a decisive effect on the outcome of the election...

And I mean decisive.

Thanks for posting the video showing some whining democrats always wanting more.

An enterprise cannot "be self-sustaining" if it uses any form of subsidy which was the point that was completely ignored by the whining cabal.

susanthe said...

As always, Steven, thank you for refraining from quoting any of your favorite Nazis.

I'm a little surprised you continue to support Joe. I guess ideology trumps your white supremacism?