Saturday, March 15, 2014

Go Johnny Go...Johnny B. Gone

State Rep. John Burt sent this out today, March 15, on the internal email system at the NH House:

It seems Rep. Burt was eager to share his parody video with all 400 of his fellow representatives and the legislative staff. Here's the video:

 Take a look at this:

Poor guy can't even eat his breakfast without a gun in his hand. What kind of maniacs does he live with that he has to be armed to make sure no one steals his plate? 

Then there's this. On Tuesday, the 11th, the good people of Goffstown had their town election.  John Burt was not elected. By a huge margin. Apparently they've their fill of obstructionism, ideology, and outright mendacity, so they said, "Go, Go, Johnny, Go....Johnny B. Gone..." 

Perhaps a lot of women voted in Goffstown this year: 

More of Burt's greatest hits:


Pam Manney said...

Hi Susan, Burt was not running for reelection. The Board of Selectmen slot was an open seat. Never the less, the fact that Burt, a sitting state rep, lost by a 2 - 1 margin showed the voters clearly rejected his government conspiracy theories.

susanthe said...

Thank you Pam - I'll edit and correct. Goffstown seemed to be tired of Burt's buddies, too - Warden and Hikel didn't fare well, either.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting (or not) how the world's most boring, unintellectual and frontal cortex lacking individuals find THEMSELVES so fascinating. I suggest to John Burt Overeaters Anonymous which may help with his toast & egg gun protection (fetish)?