Sunday, March 09, 2014

Joe Kenney - Wrong Side of History

Here's a look at some of Joe Kenney's votes when he served in the NH legislature:

Voted against Martin Luther King Day.

Voted against removing the prohibition against fostering and adopting by gay people.

Voted for creating and funding the commission on the status of men.

Voted against a resolution requesting Congress to protect and preserve Social Security.

Voted against recognizing civil unions/gay marriages legal in other states, in a bill that also
specifically forbid even recognizing them as couples.

Voted against abolishing the death penalty.

Voted against increasing the minimum wage.

Voted against medical marijuana.

Voted for SB 110 - causing health insurance rates in the north country to increase by as much as 500%.

Voted to change the name of Mt. Clay to Mt. Reagan.

Voted against requiring a course in civics as a condition for graduating from high school.

Voted against protecting NH residents from predatory lenders.

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Anonymous said...

What a dreadful legacy he is trailing behind himself. He appears to be flagrantly anti-social. Serial killers are anti-social. Being labeled anti-social is something that no right minded individual should strive for. Particularly politicians.