Monday, March 10, 2014

Feeling Bilous

Joe Kenney's candidate website is a sad and amateurish affair. It's rife with misspellings and almost completely lacking in punctuation - but what really strikes me is that Joe managed to trot out a picture of himself in uniform (of course) with the late Ray Burton - but there is not a single picture of Joe with his wife and kids on his site. Not a one. 

Hey family values guy - where's the family? 

We do know from the site that he has 16 (!) supporters. One of them is State Rep. Leon Rideout from Lancaster. Rep. Rideout is frequently bad tempered on Twitter, which he uses as a platform for shouting incomprehensibly at people. 

Here's an example. Pro-tip, Leon: Spelling your candidate's name wrong should never be an option.

Here's some incomprehensible shouting. Who is Sharon Smears? Why is he tweeting about her at me?  Why would any candidate want a supporter who behaves this way in public? 

The Sharon Smears nonsense tweet was in response to my tweeting out this picture:

Is there anyone here who thinks that Joe Kenney (or Leon Rideout for that matter) defended Ray Burton in 2004, when Bass, Bradley, Sununu, and Gregg were howling for him to resign over the Seidensticker business?  The chorus of "Ray wouldn't do this" by this passel of hypocrites ought to make us all feel a little bilious. 

Speaking of hypocrites Ray Wieczorek endorsed Joe Kenney, while waxing on about how no one can replace Ray. This is the same Wieczorek who called for Burton's resignation in 2004. These people are absolutely incapable of shame. 


Steven J. Connolly said...

It's interesting that you continue to decry former Sen. Kenney while at the same time not saying anything about Mike Cryans.
As if the Cryans campaign literature qualifies for literary achievement. Perhaps in your mind it does.
The Cryans campaign strides right alongside with the false notion that New Hampshire can be successful with an innovation economy.
It cannot.

susanthe said...

It's interesting that you think I'm under some obligation to write about Mike Cryans (or anything else for that matter.)

You fancy yourself a writer - by all means, write a critique of Cryans website.

The Kenney campaign limps along with all of the failed GOP ideas of the past. That failing infrastructure Joe Kenney now complains about is a direct result of the votes he made for years in the NH legislature.

Anonymous said...

It is rather strange and odd that a politician leaves his family OUT of publicity. Very strange. Considering the hysterical holier than thou we cherish family values right wingnut preaching.

These yahoo's cannot escape their own hypocrisy which they deny with their screeching and ranting. The truth will set them free, but they enjoy their chains of white man homophobic humanityphobic rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

All the continuous Negative rhetoric from the The left wing radical Dems couldn't keep the right guy from the Executive Council,. Congratulations Joe Kenney !!

susanthe said...

Just as there is integrity in anonymous commentary, there are no "left wing radical Dems."