Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peeing into Gummint Urinals

Free Stater (and State Representative) Michael Sylvia is miffed. It seems that some folks in Belmont, where he lives, have submitted a plan to the zoning board in town. Tina and Frederick Fleming have a family farm, and would like to host educational day camps for kids at their farm this summer, so that kids can learn about farming and where food comes from. It's a change of land use, hence the zoning plan. 

Sylvia is miffed that the Fredericks are "checking with their masters" by filing the plan. In true Free State fashion, the bulk of his ire is saved for Tina Frederick, a teacher at the Laconia Middle School, whom he nastily refers to as a "government school teacher." It's typical Free Stater on 2 levels; contempt for public schools and contempt for women. Tuck has the whole story at Miscellany Blue.

That State Representative Michael Sylvia himself is a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL seems to have escaped him. 

Belmont has public water and sewer. One hopes that, on principle,  Michael Sylvia has had those services disconnected. Belmont also has a fire department, a police department, and, get this - they have residential curbside trash pickup. One expects that Sylvia has told the police and the fire department never to come to his house, and that he takes his own trash to the dump -  never mind that socialist trash pickup. I'll go out on a limb and say he probably eschews the public library, since he undoubtedly already has his own copy of Atlas Shrugged. 

The voters of Belmont chose to enact zoning laws. The State of NH did not impose them - it was a locally controlled decision. The Free Staters often tout their love for local control, while displaying no respect for it whatsoever. 

 Representative Sylvia drinks gummint water and pees into gummint sewers. His trash gets picked up by gummint trucks, and taken to the gummint dump.  He drives to the State House on gummint roads and bridges. He serves his district from the gummint State House, where presumably he drinks gummint water, and pees into gummint urinals. 

If Michael Sylvia had even a bit of the courage of his convictions, he would have moved to one of the  19 NH towns that has no zoning. That he ran for office while  holding nothing but contempt for the government makes him a pretty fierce hypocrite. 


Anonymous said...

...and a very very stupid hypocritical man who lacks education himself (self or gummint sponsored). Where do these idiots come from??

Nikkiru said...

Well, Anonymous, if you're from New Hampshire you can take some measure of pride and/or relief that most of these idiots come from out-of-state.

Not that New Hampshire doesn't also grow it's own home-grown variety of idiot. What else could you say about a state where a rag like the Union Leader can survive?

ChrisNNh said...

�� Like.
Let's hope no one in his home depends on or plans events, activities, based on weather information collected, developed, distribuited by the gummint and paid for by taxpayers. It'd be a shame to think of his sorry ass out of a ditch in the middle of a snow storm.