Monday, March 03, 2014

October 1, 2003 - Free State Project Wayback Machine

Step into the Wayback Machine with me, and we will travel all the way back to October 1, 2003. It's the day that the Free State Project announced they'd chosen NH as the state they would move to. 

Dr. Sorens tells the media at this press conference that he has every confidence that the FSP will have 20,000 people in NH by 2006. 

They had to move the goal posts. More than once. It's 2014 and they still only have about 1500 people here - and there's some question about that. Do they change the numbers when people move away? Or die?

By far and away my favorite statements were about their funding. Dr. Sorens assures us that the money for the FSP is all from personal donations. No gummint funds, no corporate funds, and no foundation money. Ms. McKinstry, then the VP of the FSP earnestly tells us that their books are open to anyone who contributes a dollar or more to the FSP. 

Is that still true, FSP? A dollar gets us a look at the books? 


Anonymous said...

Hah hah...... I've calmed down now from my laughing fit. Let's see, they are delusional and hypocritical, betcha one buck get's us to see ZERO. I'm sure they wouldn't cook the books and numbers would they?

bdross said...

Notwithstanding that the FSP that was organized in 2003 is not the current FSP...

If you'd like to see their books, perhaps you should ask them.

susanthe said...

Can I get you a hankie, Brandon? Or maybe a bandaid?