Monday, May 13, 2013

Free State Cult Puts on a Clown Show

On Friday I wrote about the Senate Finance Committee hearing on the budget.(One of the Worst Hearings Ever.)  I mentioned that Chairman Chuck Morse announced at the beginning that there would be no limits on testimony, that people would be allowed to speak as long as they wished. And they did. Greg Moore from right wing group Americans for Prosperity was allowed to natter on for 10 minutes. He was also the second person to testify- a remarkable bit of luck for him! There was very little restraint shown by some people who really ought to have known better, including some legislators.

And then there were these people. From that Friday piece:

This committee was not bound by any such considerations, and as such, there were all manner of hijinks. There was at least one piece of performance testimony, with a dramatic rant delivered by a fellow calling himself "Adam Sutler." (Adam Sutler was a character in V for Vendetta.) Given the number of Free State Project members in the room for the hearing, it's quite possible that the Sutler character was one of them. Another performance piece apparently took place after I left, with a speech from the movie Demolition Man. 

From the Sunday Concord Monitor:

"The Senate Finance Committee got punk’d Thursday night.The committee’s public hearing on the state budget was already past the four-hour mark (en route to a final running time of six hours) when a man who had put his name down as Edgar Friendly was called to testify.He spoke and then shouted for a couple minutes about democracy being a “dying giant” and wanting to be able to choose his own food at a greasy spoon diner. Eventually, Sen. Chuck Morse told him to get lost.“You’re done, okay? You’ve had your two minutes,” said Morse, a Salem Republican and the panel’s chairman. The man continued to yell for a bit, then stormed out of Representatives Hall.Here’s what we know: Part of the man’s rant came from the 1976 film Network, and another portion was verbatim from the 1993 classic Demolition Man. (Edgar Friendly is the name of Denis Leary’s character in the latter movie.)“Friendly” was being filmed during his testimony by Garret Ean, a former Republican House candidate and blogger at Free Concord. Ean said the man was a performance artist – in fact, the second of two who spoke at the hearing."

Garret Ean is affiliated with the Free State Project, the cult that is moving 20,000 people here to take over our state, dismantle our state government, and threaten to secede. There were other members of the FSP present in the House chambers for this hearing.

It wasn't just the committee that got punk'd. It was every NH resident who took the time to drive to Concord and testify. It was every resident that loaded up a wheelchair, and packed a bag full of supplies and medications they would need to sit there for hours, while they waited to testify. It was every resident that brought a child. It was the family that brought 2 ASL interpreters for their deaf son.

We know the FSP has no respect for NH government. Now we know they also have no respect for the people of this state. 


Anonymous said...

And as their behavior confirms, no respect for humanity which makes them completely UN-Christian and downright evil.

susanthe said...

Meh - the religious affiliations of this crowd don't interest me in the slightest. This little pageant enacted by the FSP wasn't what I would define as evil, it was merely childish and selfish. Two words that often apply to the FSP.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure they have Respect for Stewardship of the Land, or Respect for any of the Rights which our State Constitution has enumerated. Zimbardo has already written about cults and similar organizations in "The Lucifer Effect:..". Harry Allen Overstreet also noted in his book: "The Mature Mind" distinguishing between Immature Irresponsible behavior and Mature Responsible behavior!

Anonymous said...

The biggest cult of all by far is "Statism"

"Statism" has all kinds of weird pledges, ceremonies, rituals, special uniforms, black robes, symbols, anthems, flags, altars, which can be seen at their regular masses.

susanthe said...

Now that's downright funny, Anonymouse #3, especially coming from a cult that has flags, rituals, an annual frat boy party event in the north woods, a pledge, symbols, fetish objects, a special language, and currency.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

They're colonizers first and foremost. No different than England, spain or portugal subjugating indigenous peoples.

Willi said...
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William Kostric said...

Could you please stop being a bigot?

Judging 14,000 people by the actions of one of the group who under no circumstances claimed to be representing the group nor does the group claim to be represented by him is no different from saying all Jews xxx, all Catholics xxx, all Irish xxx etc.

It is disgusting, hateful and collectivist behavior on your part. If you have a problem with what someone does, fine, call them out personally. FYI, Andre is also gay and Portuguese so maybe you should hate on those groups as well?

susanthe said...

So, William Kostric, it's okay to call ME a collectivist, and anyone who doesn't like you folks "statists" but when I talk about the FSP, I'm a bigot.

You appear to have all of the self awareness of the average garden slug. And about the same level of charm.