Friday, May 03, 2013

Kelly Ayotte: Slicker Than Trout Snot

From Senator Kelly Ayotte's latest weekly newsletter:

Dear Friends,
Continuing my commitment to holding town hall meetings throughout the state, I held public forums this week in Fitzwilliam, Tilton, and Warren. As you know, I believe it's vitally important that citizens have the opportunity to speak with me directly, and I appreciated the opportunity to continue that dialogue this week.  

New Hampshire residents have a lot on their minds and I answered questions on several topics - including Social Security, immigration, defense spending, health care, and education.

I also was glad to answer questions about how we can reduce gun violence. As you may have seen, Granite Staters were joined this week at my town halls by visitors from other states as well members of the national media. It was an opportunity to continue an important discussion, and I appreciated the time that attendees took to listen and ask questions.

Yeah, I'm sure Ayotte was thrilled to have national media attention, given how flattering it was:

Washington Post
NY Times
Huffington Post
Think Progress

To her credit, Kelly's learned how to spin, and spin pretty smoothly - all the while making eye contact. And you thought only your sociopathic ex could do that so well!

Instead of saying, "my secret town halls were invaded by socialists from out of state!" she refers to "visitors." Instead of saying, "left wing media bias" she says, "members of the national media."

When a woman in Tilton asked about the chained CPI, Ayotte smoothly said that it was something to  consider, and she was glad that Obama included it in his proposal.

Slicker than trout snot.

Of course this is a woman who rode a dead cop to Washington.


Anonymous said...

Slicker and deadlier - disgusting!!

samiinh said...

While riding that dead cop, Ms. Hard-noise Responsibly failed to prevent a ponzi scheme that destroyed the lives of a number of NH families.

Was the cop killed because the "black man" was standing his ground? Was he protecting his "freeeeeeeeeedom" as Sarah Palin would say?

It was tragic that the event occurred at all, but for some opportunistic egotist to use it to advance her own ambition is a sin.

NRAyotte is bad for NH and bad for America. As Wayne LaPierre has said, she's marginally effective. She is now the third vacant member of the angry old white-men triumvirate clown-car.

Bye, bye Kelly.