Friday, May 31, 2013

The Assassination of George Tiller

Rachel Maddow did a short documentary about the killing of Dr. Tiller by antichoice terrorists.

The documentary can be viewed here.

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue denies any ties to Scott Roeder, the convicted terrorist who killed Dr. Tiller. Roeder didn't have a job. He was driving around Kansas vandalizing abortion clinics. Two days before he killed Dr. Tiller, he was reported for gluing a clinic's locks. No action was taken by the FBI. As I've said before, this murder was allowed to happen.

In Roeder's car was Cheryl Sullenger's phone number. Cheryl Sullenger is a convicted terrorist who is second in command at Operation Rescue.

Someone was subsidizing Roeder's activities. He had no job, no money. It came from somewhere.

I do not believe Roeder acted alone.

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