Monday, May 27, 2013

UNH Logo - Tempest in a Teaparty Pot

The University of NH has been trying to find a logo to replace the current Thompson Hall tower logo. A NY design firm was engaged and came up with some less than stellar concepts.

Naturally, in the state that ranks a firm 50th in the nation for state funding of our university system, that's created a bit of a buzz. Oh, the outrage! The clutching of pearls!

Just exactly who is it that is yanking on those strands of pearls?

Greg Moore, state director of Americans for Prosperity, who said he's been digging into the finances of UNH and the USNH system, said,” this appears (unfortunately) to be an all too common a pattern in terms of a lack of disregard of the mission of both the school and system, which is providing a quality education at the lowest cost possible for the families of NH.”

Greg Moore....Greg Moore - that name sounds so familiar. Oh, I remember!

Speaker O’Brien, after numerous clownish debacles in the early weeks of the legislature, has hired a fellow named Greg Moore to be the “House Policy Director.” Moore was formerly the policy and communications director for John Stephen. Apparently the new Policy Czar will prevent the Speaker from trying to improperly toss Democratic legislators out of office. Perhaps he will ensure that no more embarrassing bills will go public, like the one Rep. Lars Christiansen filed to get rid of the judge who convicted a child rapist Christiansen seems to have taken under his wing. We taxpayers are paying the Speaker’s babysitter $75,000 a year. 

Mr. Moore certainly wasn't worried about providing quality services at the lowest possible  cost to the taxpayers of NH, when he was feeding from the taxpayer funded trough. That's a mighty hefty salary for a guy who repeatedly failed to prevent the Speaker from bringing shame to the state.  Then there's the fact that  Americans for Prosperity is a right wing political advocacy group. This guy gets paid to bloviate on behalf of the Koch brothers. We should listen to him....why?

“$100,000 is an obscene misuse of taxpayer money. Yes, taxpayer. I don't care what fund it comes from, taxpayers support UNH,” Alicia Preston, group member and alumnus, said.

You may remember Alicia Preston, who served as communications director for Craig Benson, the only one-term Republican governor in recent NH history. The GOP governor that the NHGOP never mentions. He is their Voldemort. Ms. Preston has a PR firm, and has worked for Guiliani, Pataki, Jeb Bradley, and Frank Guinta. Are you starting to see a pattern yet?

Alumni John Hikel said, “The logo is just a symptom to another part of the problem.”  

This alum is Rep. John Hikel of Goffstown, who recently filed a criminal complaint against 189 of his fellow legislators because he was unhappy with the way they voted on a partial repeal of NH's Stand Your Ground law. 

All right wingers. ONLY right wingers. It's the NH version of the war on Christmas. 


samiinh said...

Excellent blogpost, Susan. Thank you. These are dangerous people who need to be exposed for who they are.

Mike Hickerson said...

When they toasted "May you live in interesting times" I didn't take them seriously. Now it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Live Free or Die trying to figure out how individuals with IQ's lower than below average got elected. The fact that the "coke" brothers have so many supporters on the right speaks highly of their "sheeple" mentality. If I didn't have so much contempt for these teabagjerks, they would almost invoke pathetic pity.