Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jeb Bradley's Intentions

In the pink shirt, we have multimillionaire NH State Senator Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro, stumping for his fellow multimillionaire, Mitt Romney who has a vacation mansion in Wolfeboro. 

The NH Senate had a big voting session today. They've made it their mission to overturn any good that might have come out of the NH House during this legislative year, and they're doing a fine job.

Today they voted on HB 501, a bill concerning the minimum wage. Let's be clear, folks, this bill had nothing to do with an INCREASE in the minimum wage. All this bill did was return to statute the simple concept that NH had it's own minimum wage, and could actually set it higher than federal law. The last GOP legislature overturned this rather benign statute out of sheer malice.

I was listening to the rather capricious streaming of the session. Senate Majority Leader, Jeb Bradley told the assembled throng that this bill was written "by people with good intentions." He mentioned those good intentions several times as he spoke against the bill. A bill that I repeat: Did Not Increase the State Minimum Wage.

Then he voted against it. What does that tell us about HIS intentions?


Lucy Edwards said...

I would say his intentions include running in a GOP primary sometime soon. The GOP base is a fierce taskmaster, you gotta hurt a lot of people before you can get by them to a general election.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of !!!!! Isn't this the fat cat who is always screaming about jobs and that the infamous "left" doesn't do anything worthwhile to improve the lives of the little people? Just fascinating how the multi millionaire Rethuglican club just keeps dripping with hypocrisy.

NH Progressive Democrats said...

Bradley is such a slime ball. He has to go. He's everywhere publicly spreading his brand of conservative venom.