Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Kelly Ayotte Changes Position on Background Checks AND Special Interest Groups

The Union Leader published an op-ed by Senator Kelly Ayotte yesterday. From the opening paragraph:
Out-of-state special interests are running false ads attacking me and even lying about my efforts to prevent gun-related violence.

Read the whole thing to see how interested Senator Ayotte has suddenly become in appearing to be reasonable about background checks. 

The far right has been trying to create the mythology that it was those pesky out of state special interests who showed up at Ayotte's largely unannounced town hall meetings. (Still waiting for the incurious NH media to wonder why those town hall meetings weren't listed in her weekly newsletter that comes out on Friday.) 

I was at the town hall meeting in Tilton, and I knew most of the people who were supporting gun safety. I also saw Ayotte supporters getting out of cars with out of state plates. The "we heart Kelly" crowd was organized by a right wing group from NH. This wasn't grass roots - and the reason it wasn't, is because folks didn't know about it. If it had been announced and advertised, the local folk might have actually been there. A cynical person could say that  Senator Ayotte may well have been trying to slide in under cover, with only supporters drummed up by Citizens for a Strong NH, thereby creating the illusion that everyone in NH hearts our Kelly. 

Senator Ayotte's disdain for out-of-state special interests running attack ads is mentioned more than once in the UL editorial.

Apparently out-of-state special interests running support ads is another thing entirely: 

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Anonymous said...

The conservative right have no problems with deceitfulness, underhandedness, intolerance and hate, in these things, they are very liberal. They are always conservative with disclosure and transparency.