Wednesday, May 01, 2013


As the world now knows, Senator Kelly Ayotte held two town hall meetings in NH yesterday. They weren't mentioned in her weekly email, or put up on her website in advance. Someone I know saw post cards about the event at Ayotte's office, but no one I  know received one of those post cards. It seems a little curious, doesn't it? To have event post cards and not use them?

At least the Tea Party websites were crawling with information and exhortations to the faithful to get themselves their to protect Kelly from the evil Movers On.
NH Tea Party

From the folks at Rochester 912: ambush of Sen. Ayotte for her 2nd Amendment Votes

It has come to my attention that is planning an anti-Ayotte rally this Tuesday.CAUTION: DO NOT BRING ANY FIREARMS. THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD AT A SCHOOL.U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte is pro-gun, and the only U.S. senator from the eastern states north of Virginia who voted against Obama's gun control schemes in the U.S. Senate -- which makes her a major target for the anti-gun "progressive" idiots from MoveOn and other hate groups. She's having a town hall meeting in Tilton* at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, and the left-wing, America-hating orcs and demons will be out in force. Let's show up and beat them at their own game! Please PASS THE WORD. (Note: Let's not stoop to their level; we're the respectable, well-behaved ones, right?) *[Winnisquam Regional High School, 435 West Main St., Tilton]Bring patriotic flags, signs, T-shirts, caps....whatever. Remember: NO Firearms!!!

Kinda sad that they had to remind their members TWICE to leave their strap ons in the pickup.

The author refers to:  anti-gun "progressive" idiots from MoveOn and other hate groups, left-wing, America-hating orcs and demons - and then follows it up with (Note: Let's not stoop to their level; we're the respectable, well-behaved ones, right?)

Irony sticks her head back in the oven. 

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samiinh said...

These people just don't get the irony of their comments and behavior.