Wednesday, May 01, 2013

NH Rep. Gionet Warns of Imminent Revolution

It's pretty clear that by being the only Senator from the Northeast to vote against expanded background checks for firearms, Kelly Ayotte has become something of a target.

 The two town hall meetings she held yesterday in NH were especially interesting for a NH news nerd like me, because there were reporters from non-NH publications. There was a reporter from the Washington Post. Jacob Hannah from the NY Times was here. So were Josh Israel and Sy Mukherjee from Think Progress - and you should check out their story on it, at that link. It was great for people like me that all this media was in state. It wasn't so great for the NH GOP, who can't seem to keep their crazy under control. In recent weeks we've had Rep. Peter Hansen referring to women as "vagina's," Rep. Romeo Danais calling food stamp recipients "wild animals," Rep. Stellaaaaah Tremblay accusing the government of being responsible for the bombings in Boston, and Rep. Al Baldasaro blaming the UN for wanting to invade your fishing tackle box to protect loons.

This week Rep. Edmond Gionet of Lincoln falls out of the NH GOP clown car. This video comes from Sy and Josh:

Gionet asks:
Now is there anything in Washington that says — any telltale signs that maybe we might be headed for an internal revolution given the fact that these kinds of things are going on? This is what’s said in the groups that I sit in.

Ayotte's response? "Obviously I hope not."

Not exactly a smackdown for some rather treasonous talk.

Gionet stuck around to talk to Sy and Josh:

When questioned about those Obama appointments he was so wound up about, Rep. Gionet couldn't answer. He couldn't think of one - but one of his coffee bros had handed him something, so he lucked out there.  Gionet objects to Obama and illegal immigrants, and defends the lifestyle we have "up here" which isn't like where "you guys come from." This isn't a difficult code to crack.

"Our own world up here" translates as WHITE! REALLY REALLY WHITE!!!

It seems as if most of his information comes from what's said by the guys he has coffee with in the morning. Rep. Gionet says "we've got to come together as a nation" on the one hand, and "we might be headed for an internal revolution" on the other. One of these things is not like the other.

This is what we get in a state with a 400 person volunteer legislator. Gionet is 82 years old, and has been serving in the NH House since 2002. As the saying goes, what you get in the NH legislature is rich, retired, or crazy. Or any combination of the three.

Big h/t to Sy Mukherjee and Josh Israel of Think Progress. Thanks, guys! 


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He also started to say the Boston marathon bombing was the government, but amidst the string of crazy coming out of his mouth, the reporter didn't even follow up.

Thad said...

I rue watched, & clearly misinterpreted his comments about Boston.

Anonymous said...

We can't make it a week without some sort of hideous embarrassment, can we?

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I'm thrilled that Ayotte is receiving such clearly well earned negative press. She's a disgrace. I wonder where all these strange apartheid lovers were when 9/11 took place as well as it's terrible after effects? Aren't these individuals now just itching to go to war with Dagestan? NH has been turned into a banana like state, really an embarrassment.